Rare case: twins have two fathers

A Vietnamese woman gave birth to twins who were born and same-sex on the same day, but not the same person, according to DNA tests.

A rare twin case

The 34-year-old father decided that the two-year-olds would ask for a DNA test because the little ones were not at all like each other. It turned out that their mother was the same person, but the father is two different men. This is very rarely the case when two male sperm inside a seven-day ovulation window fertilize the ova. The children are single and the same day they were born, so there was nothing in the physical difference that suggested that their father could be another person.
Professor of the Genetic Society of Vietnam, Le Dinh Luong conducted a DNA test in a lab in Hanoi, which found that pi-paternal caviar there are you. The chances of doing so are minimal, as it requires the mother to have sex with two males during ovulation, and each male's sperm to fertilize an egg.
Last year, in the United States, there was a similar case where a father had to pay child support for only one baby instead of twins because a DNA test proved that he had bi-paternal twins.
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