Preterms: Mother touch is paramount

According to a study, the physical effects of physical contact between a child and a mother in premature infants can be detected even at the age of 10.

Preterms: Mother touch is most important (photo: Europress)

According to a study published in the Biological Psychiatry Medical Journal a physic contacts is essential for the physical and psychological development of children. However, doctors have been relatively unhappy about this, and have been sacrificed to victims, as they often develop in abandoned children in hospitals and orphanages. depressed you and other physical and psychological problems. But what kind of physical contact do children need and what are the benefits of physical proximity?Dr. Ruth Feldman, a researcher at Bar-Ilan University, together with colleagues, studied the effects of different forms of physical contact in premature babies. "At the end of the research period of ten years, we can say that the proximity of the mother to the premature infants improves the physical and mental state of the children, and this effect is also effective." Feldman.Sciences have compared traditional incubator care to kangaroo method, originally developed in Colombia by the koraszьlцttek . The essence of the method is that the mother keeps the newborn warm with her body warm. Researchers asked 73 mothers to warm their kangaroo method to two premature babies two times a week - all 73 inkubбtorban lying infants were also observed. The children then checked their condition a total of seven times during the next ten years. with more maternal love they wore children like mothers of infants in the incubator. Children treated with the kangaroo method demonstrated much better cognitive abilities in the first 10 years than those in the incubator. "These kids slept more, responded to stress more effectively from a nerve-endocrine point of view, their autonomic nervous systems worked better, and cognitive skills were better than those treated in the incubator, "the scientists said." The research results clearly prove the importance of the mother's proximity to the children, "she said. dr. John Krnstal, editor of Biological Psychiatry - Increased Stimulation Seems to Have a Positive Effect on Children's Brain and Helps Mediate Material-Child Relationships. " koraszьlйs is a huge problem worldwide: in developed countries, children are born prematurely to about 12 percent. Although modern drugs have greatly increased the risk of distant premature birth, many have long-term cognitive problems, and those with stress have a lower ability to enter the neuro-system. kangaroo method simple and inexpensive, and extremely easy to apply in a broader context, "said Dr. Feldman," and it has now proven to be a huge help in preventing premature babies from suffering. "