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So throw up your marriage!

No matter how strong a bond is between two people, the relationship may flatten to a greater or lesser extent. What can we do?

Having a family, having a child, and trying to build a family is a challenge for many households. Even with really strong relationships, it sometimes gives you a little bit of momentum to re-ignite the fire that was between the two of you. Here are a few tips that may be helpful.


Crazy vacations or trips are definitely fun, but if you think about it, those memories will be beautiful, too, and the time spent laughing. Robin Dunbar, a researcher at Oxford University said endorphins released during laughter they are not only responsible for happiness but also for relationships.


Dr. John Gottman, according to legendary relationship experts, it is crucial that disputes and quarrels are always in the weakest mood let's try to start solving it. Try to resolve your hardships.

Speak dirty

Dr. Ian Kerner according to sex psychologist, pronunciation and hearing of erotic words it stimulates dopamine flux szervezetьnkben. However, the limit is tiny, pay attention to what initiates your partner and what is already rough.

Something new

Try something that none of you have done! Together, together. Whether it's frenzied things, dodgeback with one another, or sign up for an Asian cooking class. It's all about gaining new experiences together!


Rescuing is one of the savers of relationships. Change your mind, set your goals, and currency them.

Tell the truth

Dr. Shirley Glass, according to a personal researcher trust is key in relationships. The truth is not to be silenced, even if sometimes light, it will only make your relationship stronger in the long run.

Let it out

Surely you too will dare someone who can handle a lot and then explode. This may not be the best tactic, because by the time the suppressed feelings go away, the original problem is often forgotten.


Of course, strictly with your priest!

Create a tradition

If there is no real bluesy event you celebrate, change it. THE hagyomбnyok are important in relationships, because these rituals only make the bond between two people stronger.

Hang on long

Do you remember how much and how long you started at the beginning of your relationship? Over time, these will only become a mouthpiece, although chick is an important part of life. You both shiver in a humorous, sweeping hut.They may also be interested in:
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