Hurray, she'll be a summer baby! What to watch out for in the big heat?

There will surely be moments when you get tired of pregnancy, but the summer pregnancy holds a lot of joy in your mind. Read on why you are expecting a baby during this time!

Hurray, she's gonna be a summer baby!

1. Easier to get in shape

During pregnancy and after childbirth, it is best to recommend spending on the journey. Except for warm weather, this is a good idea. On a dusk or in the evening, when your couple is home, it is not very sunny, but it is always a good time, take a walk in the nearby streets, go for a freeze or just talk. After this age of two, you can take your baby with you. If they start out during the daytime, make sure adequate sun protection And arrogant enough to drink. The baby should also be breast-fed more frequently if there is a high degree of loyalty - make sure you have a shot (for example, in a cloth) when you thirst. And do not stress if you are after birth the sprats do not melt immediately: As you landed in nine months, it will take you plenty of time to say goodbye to you eventually.

2. Summer dolls are taller

According to a recent study by the University of Bristol, the poppy bones of the poplar grow bigger and stronger, due to their mother getting more vitamin D in the tummy. In addition, their mother's milk contains more vitamin D than their winter counterparts. Naturally, you can take care of the right amount of vitamin D during your fall or winter pregnancy, and your little one's vitamin intake will make you aware of your pediatrician and nurse, but this is less of an extra task for you during this time. However, it is important to know that direct, strong sunlight causes more harm than good! Spend the day between eleven and three of them in the south, or take care of proper sunshine.

3. Wonderfully Look Without Extra Wardrobe!

With a big tummy, it's really challenging to always be pretty and stylish. The dimmer, more elegant maternity clothes are dense, yet effortless or you may want to get a good pair if the last third of your pregnancy is colder. Summer pregnancy can be accomplished with just one baby beanie. Because a variety of lighter summer polo shirts, blouses, one-piece dresses can be worn anyway, the dress will be shorter than usual at all times. In a tummy-tucked alley, if you get too hot, look for something cool: a museum or a climatized shopping center is perfect for this place where you can relax and have a sip. Always keep an eye out for that enough: Don't leave your home without a big glass of water! Drinking is very important during breastfeeding: ideally, your body warns you at the same time that you are breastfeeding, but if you want to, you drink fluid too.

4. Fewer flu and colds

The big advantage of the summer season is that it is a great deal fewer veins, more crooked circulates in the air, as in, say, autumn or winter. Upper respiratory illnesses in neonates can lead to more serious events. By the time the first episode begins in October, the tiny few will be three months old, with a boosted immune system to fight back the unexpected attack.

5. Fewer people are depressed

Research has shown that there is a lower risk of being depressed after childbirth, and that newborn mothers find it easier to give birth when they give birth to children during the summer. This may be due to the previously mentioned higher vitamin D levels, as well as being able to move out of the wall a lot sooner and later than during colder periods. Walking in the playground, in the nearby park, or on the streets, it's easy to get together with other little ones, and new friendships can be formed sooner and longer. baby, you have the impression that you have had a good night's sleep, and you can make the night awakenings, understandably, more depressing.

6. It's easy to have a birthday party ...

… If the little one is born in the middle of the summer, however, there may be some conflict that half the ovis group or half class will be on his or her birthday, but you can avoid this by letting the summer start, early or late zsъrt. The point is that nice time can be much more time consuming there are several options to choose from. You don't necessarily have to celebrate at home: you can go out to the garden or to a playground nearby. In the hot heat, a few small sandwiches or a pizza will do, and if they get enough to drink, they will run wild out there during the whole party.
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