The strikingness of the crown makes you wonder

At the time of baby breastfeeding, most pregnant women are happy to see that their hair is thicker, stronger than it ever was before. But the happiness of a beautiful crown unfortunately has to be lost after birth and after childbirth.

One of the fun effects of changing hormones during pregnancy is that almost every little baby is strengthened and has a shiny, shiny hair. Changes in hormone balance in baby blood months also have an effect on the life span of the hairs. Not only do existing hairs last longer, but they start to grow much more than they usually do. For this reason, even before, 50 to 100 hairs a day had to be said goodbye, but this number was exceptionally down to the fringe. The structure of the hair can also be altered, which is why thin thin hair can be strong, dry, split, hairy, or vice versa.

Be careful with chemicals

Hair dyeing or dyeing is not forbidden at all, at least the tests so far have not shown any harm to the fetus. However, it is certain that due to the altered structure of the hair, it is not always possible to achieve the desired color and shape. Caution has never been better, so using the first three months of pregnancy to use natural hair coloring and coloring, or dehydration because of the fumes that are inhaled, is worth less.

It's nice here, it's disturbing

I am saddened that not only is the crown of the head, the crown of the hair, but also the other hairs on the body are strengthened and may even appear in places where they have never been. Experience so far does not indicate that it is impossible to remove a disturbed hair follicle by some cosmetic procedure. Бm the vбrandуssбg mбsodik, visszeressй third trimeszterйben vбlnak the lбbak, you azйrt tanбcsos - kьlцnцsen meleggyantбzбs elхtt - bхrgyуgyбsz or szьlйszorvos vйlemйnyйt kйrni.A terhessйg utolsу weeks of leendх anyukбnak йrdemes ellбtogatni the fodrбszбhoz, because the baby will megszьletйse utбn ъgysem kцnnyы otthonrуl get away. A nice head massage and a feminine, practical hairstyle is no less a treat before the new stage of life. However, it is certainly not advisable to cut long curls before birth, as a dyed short hairstyle must often be handled by a hairdresser and may require more attention on a daily basis than a curly hairpiece.

The crown of your hair is beautiful during pregnancy

My hair is crazy!

However, the fine hair loss during pregnancy is not very viable, as a large part of the pregnancy hormone is produced by the placenta, so when the infertility ceases after birth, the hormone protected by the hormone begins to produce. By all accounts, the premise that connects hair loss with breastfeeding is yummy, because mothers who have never breastfeed will also lose their hair. Of course, this is not a balding thing, just the hair that should have been born at the time of baby killing. No matter how sad the lump of hair that remains in the body or trapped in the drainage, this hormonal loss of hair is unfortunately inevitable. There is really no need for any "magic remedy", but of course, balanced nutrition and optimal vitamin intake can alleviate the symptoms. Careful hair care - a week of hair polishing, a complete balm wash after each wash, and a thorough scalp massage - can help the scalp and hair regenerate, and avoid losing too much hair.
Usually 2-3 weeks after the baby is born, the crown begins to diminish, and after about 6-9 months the process is stopped. However, if hair loss does not occur after this time, it is worth consulting a doctor, as there are countless other causes for hair loss such as nervousness, vitamin deficiency and inflammation.