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This digital device is the coolest

Researchers have been researching which digital device is most important for young people's mental health. A surprising result was born.

Researchers at the University of Montreal have been researching which device - laptop, video game, phone, computer - has the most negative impact on young people's mental health. According to the study, the phone has the most negative effect. The surprising result is that video games make teenagers happier.Video Games Are Not The Most Important For Juvenile Mental Health The research tracked a total of 4,000 youth through the age of 31 in Canadian schools, seventh and eleventh grade. Young people, on their own admission, had to record how much time they spent in front of the various screens. The average time was 6-7 hours Patricia Conrad unambiguously lists the most common aspects of telephone use as leading to social comparisons and is therefore detrimental to mental health. And young people who are prone to depression are more likely to show symptoms when they spend a lot of time with their phones. The response rate of 70 percent was not alone, but played with friends and was not socially isolated at all.
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