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That is why it is important to have the right amount of vitamin D during pregnancy

We know that vitamin D is indispensable for strong bones and for our general health. But sunlight alone is not necessarily enough to get enough vitamin D, especially if you are pregnant women.

American studies have found that intake of higher levels of vitamin D during pregnancy reduces the risk of inflammation. Severe vitamin D deficiency can contribute to the development of osteoporosis and angina in children and adolescents. The legutуbbi felmйrйsek vitamin D hiбnya akбr US terhessйgek 69 szбzalйkбt also elхsegнti йrintheti.A vitamin D, calcium йs beйpьlйsйt phosphorus into bone. Higher levels of vitamin D strengthen the immune system, reduce the risk of developing diabetes and play an important role in preventing inflammation. It is important to reduce the risk of developing inflammation during pregnancy as it can result in high blood pressure, premature birth, and low birth weight.In the study, women were divided into three groups, who received different doses of vitamin D and placebo. The vйrmintбk analizбlбsa sorбn vizsgбltбk the immune system йs reached the gyulladбsos markereket.Arra that vitamin D levels were not befolyбsolta maternal vйrnyomбst or csecsemх szьletйsi sъlyбt. The higher the level, however sokaknбl gyulladбsgбtlу hatбst gyakorolt.A megfelelх vitamin D levels biztosнtбsбhoz йrdemes the йtrendbe minйl often inserted in the fish oil, tojбst йs mбjat. And it is worth staying for more days. Minimum 2000 IU required during pregnancy. (According to some professional recommendations, 4,000 IU from the 12th week of pregnancy.) Like adults, pregnant women need an artificial supplement from October to March, as the traditional Hungarian diet has a high dietary intake of about 80 IU. In the summer, there is no need for supplementation if your mother spends at least 15 minutes a day. Unfortunately, stocks accumulated in the summer are recovered in just 6 weeks, which could lead to severe vitamin D deficiency in the winter months.Kapcsolуdу articles vitamin D a theme:
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