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That is how the father's mood influences the child's development

We know how important parents play in the development of a child, as they are the primary teachers - but we tend to put the father a little behind the scenes.

However, a research confirms the notion that dads are also essential for the child's proper mental and cognitive development. Experts at the University of Michigan state suggest that the father's negative mood and tension can put the strain on the child's development, despite his or her dedication, balance and positivity. In particular, they were interested in the effects of parental stress on children and possible mental problems (such as depression); and the extent to which these factors influence the cognitive and social development of children. Based on the results higher stress levels in dad negatively affect language and cognitive development of 2-3 year olds egyarбnt. This effect was independent of how the mother behaved with the child. In addition, the negative consequences even more affected little boys than little ones.She can bear a child when her dad is constantly stressed The examination also showed that mental illness - especially when neglecting the treatment - also influenced the behavior of the little ones, causing them to be disturbed. Not only did the dad and the little ones, even the social behavior of the school age group was negatively influenced by the father's mental health! In other words, the way the dad felt, how calm and balanced he had lasted the child much longer than the mother's mood.

How can dads help children to develop?

There is a clear link between the child's social development and the father's mental health, and fathers should do everything in their power to seek help from a specialist if they need help. Here are some tips to help your dad during difficult times!Stress is inevitable.
Be aware that stress is an indispensable part of parenting (and life in general), and it would be unrealistic to expect that no stress will be faced after the birth of your child. If we accept that we will definitely be dealing with stressful situations, it will probably make our business a little easier.Seek Support!
Lonely fighting is always a lot harder, even the toughest heroes need someone who can help her. It may be our own father who we can discuss our problems with, but our grandfather, a great uncle, can give us two good tips. Look for other daddy societies - even on the Internet, there may be groups and forums for exchanging experiences with others who are in similar shoes to us.Let's figure out what to "poke in"!
Everyone has recurring situations that trigger the most intense reactions. If we are able to recognize these triggers, we will be able to avoid them more easily - or, if they are inevitable, we will be better able to detect them. What all could be such a situation or condition? For example, sleep deprivation, morning rush, hunger or anesthesia. Let's work with our couple and see how we can make those difficult moments a little easier. If we know, for example, that we have a bad sleep, let us go to bed early. If we're nervous about the morning rush, let's get things ready the night before.Contact a specialist!
Although mental illnesses are always prone to neglect (and men may be particularly sensitive to their mental problems being foolish or even stupid), there are situations where you can get help from a specialist. This is not wrong at all - we don't even have to share it with anyone we don't want - but treating depression or anxiety can have a serious impact not only on your own condition, but also on how you treat your partner or your child! Remember: if you have a tooth, you need to consult a dentist, if your soul is a head, then a specialist who can help with healing (via)You may also be interested in:
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