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Parents couldn't sleep for six years

We are told we are almost incapable of resting with a baby, but a new study has found that parents need six years to return to a satisfying level of sleep and quality.

It is almost natural for a baby to have no restful nights, and many times to wake up - whether to breastfeed, feed, or just soothe. However, this is part of normal development, and after a while (hopefully) a system is set up, and growing young children sleep more and more peacefully every night.It takes six years to get the sleep deprived However, a new research has shown that in the case of parents, it takes much longer to "return" to the baby's pre-birth order and ability to sleep without interruption. Experts at the University of Warwick found that six years it is also between the birth of the first child and a night's rest in the currency. The international study included a total of 4,659 mothers and fathers, who were born between 2008 and 2015. Analysis of the results also revealed that mothers slept 1 hour less than their pregnancies in the first three months after the baby was born, while in the Apostle, this reduction was only 15 minutes. Surprisingly, as mothers fell more and more over the years, in the case of fathers, sleep deprivation was approximately the same as before childhood: when children were 4-6 years old, mothers were less than 15 minutes, and mothers were less than 15 minutes. "After the baby's birth, women are much more sleep deprived and have more frequent awakenings, since the mother is always the primary carer of the baby," she said.dr. Sakari Lemola,researcher at the psychology department at the University of Warwick. Further analysis of the data collected revealed that the effects of sleep deprivation on the parents who had their first child were slightly more pronounced than those of the more experienced parents and those who However, other factors, such as the financial situation, had no effect on sleep deprivation. A study related to the research was published in the Sleep company professional journal (via)