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It's not just for yourself to exercise!

While we know that regular exercise is very good for mothers, a new study also found that the unborn baby also helps control body weight.

Animal experiments have shown that mice that regularly move during pregnancy have a smaller littermate, and that this was still the case when the mice were kept on a high fat diet.There are many benefits to having a pregnant mother exercise The diet was maintained for eight weeks in mice, during which time not only did body weight increase less than in control mice, but the symptoms of a disease called metabolic syndrome were not as characteristic. Studies have shown that, in the offspring of regularly moving mice, more proteins have been discovered that are associated with so-called brown fat. This fat helps to maintain the body's proper temperature in the body, for example, by converting the fat and sugars it consumes into heat.More recently, research suggests that this can also be true for normal-weight women. "From our research, we can conclude that a lack of exercise in healthy, pregnant women can increase the risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome in children, researcher, author of the study leader (via)Also worth reading:
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