Don't let it fall asleep!

We know that children need a lot of sleep to develop properly and that most children do not sleep as much as they should. However, parents' strictness may be the solution to this problem, researchers have suggested.

According to a new study published in BMC Public Health magazine, if parents strictly adhere to bedtime and do not allow their children to stay alive for a long time, has a positive effect. The surprising fact, however, is that this only applies to the weekday, the fact that parents are stricter or more lenient on the night has no effect on sleep.Be a little strict about bedtime! Researchers in Canada collected data from a total of 1,600 births. The parents had at least one child under the age of 18. It was found that 94 percent of the parents lured their child to bed at a certain time, but 84 of them explicitly insisted. According to the results, the parents of the children of the latter group slept with a greater degree of currency (59%). " in order for a child to be awake at a certain time, the children slept better, but this only related to the weekdays, "said dr. Heather Manson, lead author of the study. It is good not only for the children but also for the parents if the child is asleep or gets to bed relatively early! According to a recent Austrian study, in families where children have been asleep most of the night at nine o'clock, not only the little ones, but also the moms, feel happier, thirstier and healthier! (Via)You may also be interested in:
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