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Small amounts of red flesh are injured

We have already known that there is a great deal of damage to red meat and processed meat. We have now examined the small effects they exert.

Blood and processed meats greatly increase the risk of diabetes, certain types of cancer (colon cancer) and coronary heart disease. A review of Loma Linda University Health now looked at whether it was possible to increase the health risk by eating small amounts of red meat.Small amounts of red flesh are injured Researchers surveyed data from 96,000 participants in the United States in 2002 and 2007 in the United States and Canada. The study is interesting because the participants were recruited from Seventh-day Adventists, with half of the group members being vegetarian or eating very little meat. arбnya as azoknбl who just hъskйszнtmйnyeket processed fogyasztottak.A kutatбsbуl also kiderьlt that some groups йrzйkenyebbek the hъsfogyasztбs kedvezхtlen hatбsaira the vцrцs hъsok fogyasztбsa the fehйr bхrы populбciуban szignifikбns цsszefьggйst showed цsszegzett halбlozбssal, but the African American nйpessйgben was not megfigyelhetх hasonlу korrelбciу - see Consumption of red flesh has only influenced the mortality caused by cardiovascular disease among women and African Americans.
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