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Does my baby sleep too much?

Everyone knows that Newborns sleep a lot: more than they are awake. But when do we start to worry about how much the little one sleeps?

One of the biggest difficulties for newborn babies is the anesthesia of the baby: not only is it hard to sleep, but the newborn does not follow the usual rhythm; This can be quite strange (and certainly exhausting) for adults, not surprisingly many people worry that the baby is sleeping too much or too little. Newborns also sleep 14-17 hours a daybut this can of course be very different, and they may start to sleep more or less because of a minor illness, physical discomfort or a change in their routine. It is also important to know that they are new born they rarely sleep more than 3-4 urns at a timeand they may easily wake up every 30-40 minutes. At the same time, three more urinals are not awake at one time with such a tiny baby. Only by about 6 months does a relatively predictable sleep routine develop - that does not mean that the little one will sleep well at night!How Much does a Baby Sleep?

Are you sleeping too much?

There is no need to worry if your baby is sleeping more than usual at times (of course, this may be due to the fact that other symptoms of the baby may be observed). This can be due to growth jumps, minor freezing, vaccination, etc. but the yellowing can also cause blurring! This can also be due to the yellowing of your skin, the whiteness of your eyes, the restlessness, the stinginess of your baby. if they don't eat enough: this can be accompanied by increased weight loss, depletion, developmental decline! Smaller or larger amounts of malnutrition should be suspected when the little one is very lethargic, has a little less pee, kakis diaper per day, or if he does not seem calmer or more balanced after eating. In very rare cases, severe congenital disease (such as circulatory problems) can also lead to an increased risk of hypersensitivity.

What if I sleep a lot?

Even before you worry about running to the doctor, it's a good idea to observe the baby: in most cases, "too much" sleep refers only to an abnormal sleep pattern and it may be easy for the previous system to fall back within a day or two. However, infections, upper respiratory illnesses - which can cause underwear - can be much more dangerous for little ones than for adults or even older children. It can be very practical for you. a sleep diary to record when and how much your baby is sleeping (maybe how much he has eaten). However, if you are worried about sleep, consult your pediatrician or nurse. If there is no other problem, at least a few soothing answers can be obtained. Immediately seek medical attention if the underlying condition is accompanied by other symptoms, such as superficial, rushed breathing, unusually loud breathing. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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