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Hell, optimism - well, recovery! The crown of a new life - part six

In every forum, I was worried that my body would change drastically. Wrong. But even though my memoir was pretty slow to let me down in the soft pink clouds, I wasn't arrogant.

Hell, optimism - well, gathering!

Terrain is good for the skin

For six months now, things have been going well on our mental-free platform, and I was round, so I meant not only my stomach, but also the world that I was into when it came to baby screening. There was optimism in front of me (yeah, it wasn't that far off before), I can't talk about bad things, and my former anxieties escaped from the mind with a prophetic scream. I do not wonder is a hormone of hormones all of this, uv me and the kid from the unnecessary excitement.I like this part, especially because, thanks to the phenomenon, I didn't get overwhelmed even when my dad came to the marriage room And I was watching kids running up and down. Even then, the healing, harmonious facts came into my mind: 1) nobody came after me (let the peripheral governments where there is no big-time wedding industry until Saturday in Duluth); 2) give us, we have just invited the narrowest family here and put it back, and in this story, the groom who introduced the bride is a key player (and the speaker is not the one who speaks it). The story was closed in abysmal and outrageous ways, and our child's family was sanctified and legalized.

Is that the baby brain? *

However, the product typically has two sides, and the negative effects of hormones must also be eliminated, in the spirit of balanced information. Falling in happiness, my notoriously blade memoir has let me down so much recently that I can't beat my head. Forgetting names and mixes, formerly evident facts, without me knowing me without a trace. calls from "unknown" numbers. And when I need to think about making introductions while still needing to imagine my sister, an old friend or coworker, minipanks have a place to be, reminding me where I remember my voice, it is very difficult for me to clean it. It's funny and scary at the same time because it's totally impracticable the whole process.If I do not post something, hyttiher that I do not notice, that's why my workplace is full of little notes, and I have to get my points done that day. When asked on the phone if I can contact me on the day, I can no longer say where I will be, I only think I have something to do, but I do not know what. Not even if you have ultrasound or medical visits for just a man. The point is, the iris are hell, that's what I try to laugh about. "Because laughter freed me from the pressures of deadly seriousness," flashes the important and dissolved thought I had ever taken with great enthusiasm for a great book of thought. But what kind of space, and who they come from, may come to mind once in a while in diapers or apple slices. )You can read the previous part of the article series here.
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