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Baby baby, it was useless

We believe that having a baby is the most natural thing in life, but our bodies, illnesses, and mental troubles can also be a problem if you want a couple of babies. What are some of the reasons for failed actions?

More and more couples are going to see a doctor because they are expecting childbirth in vain. Organic changes, infections, men's sperm count and mental causes can all cause problems and make it difficult to become pregnant. "In recent decades, the number of infertile couples has increased, and this is primarily due to the fact that women are having a baby as they grow older," she says. dr. Kуnya Mбrton biologist, then adds: the chance of getting pregnant is steadily decreasing from the age of 30, the deterioration accelerates from the end of the thirties and at the age of 45, female or male fertility problems: Targeted examinations should identify the couple's member - maybe both - for which reason they are not having the baby.

We talk about infertility if, despite regular sexual intercourse, there is no pregnancy for one year

An owl check

Definition of Beard dr. Guides to Jbnos you tell us about infertility when you are pregnant for about a year, despite having sex without being pregnant again for a few years. " "- adds a specialist who lists the causes of female infertility as the following: there may be hormonal abnormalities in the background, among which the most common is polycystic ovarian syndrome, PCO. "In this case, ovarian enlargement is full of cysts, and usually there is also a lack of follicular fibrillation; closed fallopian tubes - often with pelvic inflammation in the background - congenital haemorrhagic problems, autoimmune diseases, and possibly newborn dysfunction. " the endometrium - for a reason unknown to us - the lining, apart from the old man, also settles in the abdomen, which is discharged at menstruation just like the endometrium in the lining. The disease may require a special treatment, some surgery, some treatment, "emphasizes gynecology.

Inquiries, examinations

And what happens when a baby goes to a doctor? First they thoroughly question them: what diseases, complaints they have had since they have been through. After a general health examination (blood count, liver function test, hematopoiesis), the glander also eliminates infections beyond anatomical examinations. Infertility can also be caused by a vaginal infection, which can be treated with medication, as can cause men's prostate inflammation. The nхknél first, hormone levels and genitalia tests should be prepared; this later in the case of men also happens. Kárnya Márrton says that even today, it is often the case that the male member of the couple does not even test himself, although "the examination of the sperm is simple, at first glance it gives a lot of insight: We don't know. What we do know is that chemicals, smoking, and stress all impair fertility, "the expert adds.

Genetic causes

On the genetic causes of infertility, Kunnya Marton explains that chromosome aberration may also be present in the infertility context. The number of chromosomes is the same in all cells of each individual species (except for gametes): a human has 22 pairs of body (1-22) and two sex chromosomes (XX or XY). Occasionally, there is some sort of rearrangement within the chromosome set, called balanced translocation. Generally this does not cause any symptoms, but the germ cells are significantly genetically damaged. This discrepancy causes frequently repeated misalignments. The numerical or structural discrepancies of the parent chromosomes are with a simple blood test can be explored. emphasizes the biologist. He adds that if the test reveals such a disorder in a pair, the so-called preimplantation genetic test can provide a solution. This means that one or two cells are removed from the 6-8 cell embryos for replanting and subjected to genetic testing. The result is a good chance to select and embryo embryos that have not been affected by the genetic disorder.

The Y chromosome

The Y chromosome long arms play a very important role in sperm training. The result of today's scientific research is the discovery of genes bound to the normal chromosome Y of sperm. If these chromosomes are deficient, sperm training will deteriorate significantly, and in fact, they will often be completely defective. But with the help of modern techniques, a child can often give birth even in cases where there is no sperm in the ejaculate, it can only be isolated from the testicular. In case of a very bad sperm image, both the chromosome test and the Y chromosome microdeletion test It's worth it.
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