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Hormones can do everything!

We know for sure that spiritual life does not begin with birth. But how much does the fetus perceive its environment? Does your future influence what she lived in the womb?

You are lame step-by-step, but your hair is the smallest beauty braid. You wear one bigger shoe and you don't even have to rock your evening, it goes by itself. All this and many other strange things your kitchen's kitchen the responsibility.

We could move mountains!

You know this guy, don't you? No impossible for you, you are full of energy, with ideas and action. You plan your daily life, transform your home, and get wings in your workplace. You see something good in everything and you can cling to it. Many times nowadays, you are in an almost euphoric state, so dear to your baby, your spouse, the whole world. Really magical, take advantage of this status as much as you can!

Pregnant women would most welcome the whole world

The culprit: endorphins, the body's own specific production opium that will also help with childbearing and when you have a baby, it erases the memory of the affliction.

The world of death

Everything is so desperately awful! All the suffering and injustice in the world! If you are begging with your baby in the drained underbelly, or if you have an orphaned cat, you may hear about people suffering from cataract zones, you just get hurt, and you can almost feel the heartbreak taking over. And all this is to say that in the last minute he was probably under the influence of the endorphins, and he was quite happy to think how well your surroundings were. Like the waveguide!The culprit: all hormone, no matter how magnificent it sounds! Many things have to change in order for fertilized eggs to grow and grow safely inside. Almost all hormonal muscles undergoes a profound change.

Snoring at night

It feels like your nose is clogged. Your couple is gently approaching you to fill the big part with loud whispering and snoring.The culprit: estrogen, more than thirty of which functions in your body every day. One of their most important tasks is to ensure optimal blood supply to the bee. In the meantime, the hemorrhage of the nasal cavity also improves significantly, which manifests itself in swelling and nausea.Related articles on Hormones:
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