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What to use on your baby's skin and what not to do?

Most mothers know that the baby's skin needs special care. But what is it that can be used with a very calm heart when it comes to baby skin care? Here is your most important information.

What can you put on your baby's skin?

Newborn skin is thinner than adult skin and more sensitive to environmental influences. Everything is more easily absorbed through the baby's skin, which also justifies the special treatment. no temperature control has been developed yet. They are only able to sweat at the age of 3-4 weeks, and their sweat glands reach the proper maturity level at the age of 7-8 months. The smallest ezйrt tъlhevьlnek kцnnyen, йs same kцnnyen бtfбznak.Feladatunk not kцnnyы: you need to уvnunk babбk bхrйt egyrйszt the idхjбrбs viszontagsбgaitуl (napsьtйs, szйl, cold, hot) must ьgyelnьnk mikцzben also to hasznбljunk megfelelх kйszнtmйnyeket baby йrzйkeny bхrйnek, which do not cause irritation, do not dry it.

As for you and what we should collect more!

Let's try to choose the rewards that ph are neutral, skin-tested there are Sensitive skin developed for your needs, do not contain paraben. Naturally, the lightweight version of shampoo is the best bath.If you have a cosmic deposition on the scalp, apply at least 1 ounce of baby oil before bathing to loosen the buildup. In the case of seborrhoeic dermatitis, the tannin will give us a well-groomed effective preparation for the care of the scalp.


Even though little was removed immediately after birth, in many hospitals, fetal enzymes containing useful enzymes have not been removed from the body of the baby (max. From the face). The child should bathe 1-2 times a week up to 4-6 weeks - washing up first - because newborn skin is still very dull, and the amount of fat in the skin can be reduced by bathing. Be sure to use baby baths or bath creams that are adapted to the needs of sensitive skin, and also pay attention to the temperature of the water, keeping your body warm (around 36-38 degrees Fahrenheit). But you don't have to worry - this control quickly disappears, in fact, you usually switch to a water course. Especially if you pay attention to the details (like the water temperature and the use of lightweight shampoo, bath). If the bath does not last too long and the baths are of adequate quality and quantity, then the skin of the child will not be too dry, we can incorporate the sprinkling into the evening anesthetic. short and fast (Don't wait longer than a couple of minutes.) If you are choosing baby cleanser for sensitive skin, you do not need to keep herbal remnants and health. comes from a trusted source products, and in no way products made for adults. The baby's skin needs a special look.


Skincare begins with the proper tanning technique. It is important not to cure it but to lightly water the small skin with a soft, moist moist material. crosstalk treatment, which patches lost water and lipids. (This is important for protecting the skin's protective function.). If you do this, you will develop infectious dermatitis at a lower rate.


The area under the diaper is particularly sensitive and prone to irritation. Nowadays, buttocks also make this procedure easier, but you have to choose them with great care.Avoid alcohol wipesBecause they bхrpнrt, gyulladбst sхt akбr йgйsi sйrьlйseket also cause the gyerkхc bхrйn.Йrdemes kerьlni the popsitцrlхket, which цsszetevх listбjбn the propyl- isopropyl-, butyl- isobutyl йs parabйn kifejezйseket lбtjuk.Az erхs fragrances tartalmazу szintйn bбnthatjбk popsitцrlхk йs kendхk, irritating to sensitive skin. Fortunately, fragrance-free wipes are also available, which can be used with newborns as well. The cream forms a thin layer on the butt skin so it will not be scratched out by the urine. If your skin is inflamed, ventilate your buttocks more often.

Clean the ears and the senders

Because the ear has a natural self-cleaning mechanism, that's why should not be soiled with a clean cloth, as this only restores the filament and can also cause pitting. The suggestion for treating the stump is changed. Previously, they had to treat this area with alcohol and then with special batch powder, which, according to the new recommendation, is already considered obsolete. According to WHO research, treating the genital strain with anything else has proven to be most effective when simply kept on the stump. do not wet the stumpand the diaper should not irritate this area. To do this, the diaper must be fastened under the stump. Here, too, there is a standard rule that applies to baby care in every area: you can only write to the baby after washing!
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