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Coffee, gymnastics and sex

Are you worried about whether your newborn baby is worth the sport, your morning coffee, or your physical passion that you don't even want to give up? Let's see what counts as legends and what's really dangerous during pregnancy.

Coffee, gymnastics and sex

The smell of coffee in the morning

Do I have to give up caffeine, especially when my mother is afraid of overcoming the first trimester of pregnancy - which is perfectly normal? The answer is short: no. According to the tцbb Egyesьlt Бllamokban, thousands vбrandуs nхt vizsgбlу kutatбs eredmйnyei the mйrsйkelt koffeinfogyasztбs any kбros kцvetkezmйnnyel not jбr the fetus nйzve.A vizsgбlatok fetal kбrosodбs the koraszьlйs, lower szьletйsi sъly йs cйloztбk at the fogyasztбsa koffeintartalmъ йtelek йs Beverage kцzцtti connection but to date no correlation has been found between the above mentioned variables. On the other hand, we have called attention to pregnant women who consume and smoke regularly, since the two phenomena often overlap. According to American researchers, a day's worth of chickpeas (important: American!) - more than 300 mg - can pose a risk to the health of the unborn child. And how much caffeine does a "chick" hot drink contain? Coffees are usually about 85 mg, which is about 60 mg for instant coffees and caffeine-free coffees at maximum 4 mg. A cup of tea has caffeine content of more than 30 mg and caffeine contains 4 mg of caffeine. That is you don't have to deny yourself a slice of coke, especially if you drink it with more milk.

Raw fish and fat free of cheese

There's nothing better than having a cheese dinner, or healthier than the recent Japanese delicacy, sushi, meats, better staying with salmon cheese and raw fish throughout your pregnancy. The danger of the latter lies in their occurrence of parasites. Parasites are pathogens that live on the host. During pregnancy, it is particularly important for the fetus to receive the nutrients needed for healthy development, which can be passed on to the body, which can be lost. You can kill them by cooking food, but it must be raw, in any case Another basic source of danger is a Listeria monocytogenes is a disease that primarily affects animals, especially mites, but can result in miscarriage or fetal malformation in women who are pregnant. This bacterium can also be found in raw fish, meat, and smoother cheeses, especially in brie and camembert. Therefore, it is recommended flesh such as sausage or loin. You can only consume the latter if the food reaches the temperature at which it is steaming during the reheating process. This is because in the honey a Clostridium botulinum spurrja which is a botulism may cause severe poisoning. The bacterium is neutralized by the acidic contents of the stomach, but the newborn's stomach content still does not have the ability to fight botulinum. honey, even honey dishes.

Gymnastics, horseback riding or horseback riding?

Do you train regularly three times a week and have not expired in the gym? Or are you looking at the sun and hoping for the first run of the week? You don't have to give up on baby if it turns out that baby's blood is worth it exercise more carefully and exercise caution. Regular exercise - up to three times a week - has helped me a lot in reducing weight gain, especially in the third trimester, and has a profound effect on nausea, insomnia and bladder weakness. No less important is the subjective good sense of sport, which is important. It is recommended to avoid all movements that require a balance.or that could be dangerous. Because of this, cycling, skating, or biking, horseback riding, outdoor sports, or team games that may cause your pregnant woman to fall, fall, or fall, are not ideal. which is particularly harmful to the fetus - associated with the excessively hot bath and the avoidance of the sauna far away during pregnancy - and the extreme increase in heart rate that has the risk of losing it should be stopped immediately in case of bleeding, fetal cramping, increase in blood pressure, severe palpitations, abdominal pain, persistent dyspnoea, or on the lungs.

Passionate months

Imagine the new housewives who may have just spent the honeymoon and their happiness now being watched by the baby to be born, but… what about sex? Of course, a pregnant woman may have concerns about changing her body, but remember: Everything is lost in her head and if she approaches her couple with disorientation, she will not realize that the couple is losing or not. sexual appetite increases after becoming pregnant. This phenomenon is primarily attributable to lower body fatigue: the pregnant woman may be more intent on bodily reconciliation and may be able to gain a much stronger victory. THE sex has no harmful effect on the fetus in a healthy pregnancy, though, it is important to note that both female orgasm and breast stimulation result in coughing. Due to the increase in the abdomen, However, it should be borne in mind that the fetus is extremely sensitive to infections, so if your partner has an infection that can be transmitted sexually, they should refrain from or have contact with the body.
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