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Massaging can do a lot for your relationship

Couples who massage each other 15 minutes at least twice a week significantly reduce the amount of stress that is generated.

Massage is pleasant and very useful

Couples who regularly massage each other seem to have improved relationships. It is beneficial not only for the person who is massaging but also for the person who is massaging.Sayuri Naruse, a research fellow at the University of Northumbria and Dr. Mark Moss, a psychology professor studied 38 pairs in his research. Naruse, who was a trained masseur, showed the couples the necessary techniques and tricks for a simple 15-minute massage, then asked the couple to repeat their home 2-3 times a week for 3 weeks. Over the course of the three weeks we continued to test the couples' mental jockey and the completion of the course. Evaluation factors such as mental health, mood, pain, emotional stress, irritability. Overall, those who gave the masses a "score" of 3% after 3 weeks, while those who received the massages showed a 12% improvement. Naruse added that while many people know that massage is a good thing for us, giving research results is just as helpful. The research was reported at the British Psychological Society Conference in Bringhton.Related Articles:
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