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Reducing the Risk of Pregnant Diabetes with Sleep

Women who slept less than six hours at night had a 2 to 3 times greater risk of developing gestational diabetes than those who slept longer.

Researchers in Chicago have compared the results of 8 studies on sleep duration and on pregnant women with diabetes mellitus and over 17,000 pregnant women. In addition nйgy mбsik, a vizsgбlat eredmйnyeit gуrcsх alб vettйk which is 300 terhessйgi cukorbetegsйgben szenvedх nх alvбsi megfigyelйsei йs the vйrcukorszint szerepltek.Nйhбny tanulmбny electronic data mйrte eszkцzцkkel that nхk how long they slept, mнg mбsok the kutatбsban szereplх alanyoktуl kйrtйk posts by these people in the rцgzнtett records of sleep time. The results were similar in all methods, with women who had less than six bedtime sleeps at night, two to three times more likely to develop gestational diabetes than those who had diabetes for longer. increases the incidence of premature birth, 40% cesarean section, and 70% the incidence of preeclampsia / eclampsia. , or its deficiency and disease.The authors believe that gestational diabetes can be linked to hormonal changes and inflammation in the body caused by lack of sleep, which can lead to insulin resistance and high blood sugar.
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