Answers to the questions

No fairy tale, must be cleaned again!

For those who, with young children, are completely distracted from the benefits of cleaning, housework, I know: my adolescent girls are ironing and whining today, their dad, me too - sorry for hell!

Yeah, yeah! It can be cleaned again!

Even when it promises some rewards, cleaning is terrible, time consuming, and irrelevant - but only for us, adults! Our children tend to grasp everything a little less. Perhaps that is why so little respect for the cleanliness and order of the dwelling. This, in turn, gives us a great opportunity to have fun on the one hand, and on the other hand to satisfy the need. Your back will get hungry and scarce - they don't feel like us who just have to eat because we know we have to, because they get out of the street, they give birth to motherhood, and other horrible illnesses can get caught in medicine and so much.
Make the most of your honest and innocent curiosity - press the dustbin into your hands! Well, to do this, you first need to collect a few - thousand - things from the ground, but in that case, let's pretend that we are the big wolf, let's do the rest of the dwelling, into the wolf cages by "hiding" food. Of course, it only happens when you are three years old - and let's not worry about adolescents, because they are crazy about sex very soon. Come on, teenager. If somebody knows a surefire recipe for persuading a teenager to pick up the trash in his room at least, if he can get out of himself and dive into the trash, he'll be dead because I feel helpless.
Once we've pulled those six tons of children's toys off the ground, the terrain will slowly be able to dust off. Let's pretend that evil cartoons have taken the house by trick - and we must be fooled by brutal warriors. Fortunately, the Duckweed, who is naturally able to eliminate a feud between a king and a bite, hurries up to help. Give the kid the dustbin - every square meter that you dust up is pure profit. Let's not be maximalist. At most, we'll stick to it every other day.
It is possible to play wet water (in panel, in flammable upstairs flats, carefully!), Nothing more is needed, just the mooring equipment and the wild flood, which ends in the immediate area. We can make things bigger by wearing the right clothes - leather suit? I once came in, though it was very embarrassing when I opened the door to the post office with a hookah and a glass of water (then leave my mail next door).
Leaving socks are also a problem. If not, then because they don't have a couple. If you've got it, it's a hole. Let's organize a talent sock competition. After all, it's almost like dustball games. It was very rewarding for me to compete with the kids: anyone who has more socks for a housewife can get a slice of delicious after lunch. True, this requires more children ... If there is only one, we will be reluctant to speak for ourselves.
Further note: my teenage children decided on a day that could not be called a beautiful one, they NEVER look for their socks, but purposely pick up. I can explain in schools or stop strange glimpses of my parents. Anything else you might want because I also have socks on me?
If the socks are okay - hmm… - the hood may come. Well, this is not a commercial. For example, we have the name of ironing. The child looks for the wreckage on the clothes that needs to be removed - and ironing. So maybe this job is not so thrilling. Quite simply, the result is even less permanent than dusting…
Well, once the window is clean - this is a very risky child, so we are cinematic: the child is down and critical about the glass's viability - a very important moment in the family's life. Tidy and clean. In such a case, we take a few minutes to look at all the circumstances, and look at our creation with awe. Such a poor thing! After five minutes, something will spill out, set it up a notch and you can start all over again in March.