His parenting taught us patience and patience

For mothers who were born "in time," around a hectic date, they have no idea what a mother who gives birth to an unborn baby goes through. Kata Rabdi told me ... Kitty, Rouza was born by the 35th week.

"Wednesday, February 1st, half like this. Fever water started to flow in me. She was 35 weeks old. I can't give birth. I looked at the painters that day, mounted on the furniture sheet. It was dark and cold. I have at least a month yet. I can't give birth. let's go, because I'm gonna hold it today Rуzбt! During pregnancy, I would have started taking the third leaf antibiotic that day. Streptococcus. I was afraid of him, but I was reassured that there would be no problem, the shield would protect the baby. More specifically, he defended and uvta, but the blood wall surrendered. After 14 hours of buttering, Roza had difficulty breathing and was born with a high, 9 sugar. I was drunk and I didn't realize anything about it. I thought this was the birth, that is, it happens in every case. The struggle in Iran, the pain, and then the top and taking it and we were happy. It started to get strange that only I was alone in the gym, everyone else with the baby. Babylon's flutter, and my son and I, who had a father in the midst, just waited and waited. We told you to take our baby for examination, and to bring it to another place. We were blocked by the moment of the baby's election, we didn't realize exactly what was happening. On the morning of the morning the information was cold, the words flew: premature, intensive care, meningitis, 48 ​​hours. Its status is currently stable. All of this is in the University of Szeged's Early Intensive University. We were in there for two weeks. It was heavy. Moreover, it is triumphant, indefinitely difficult. First the first 24 hours, then we were shaking for the next 48. We waited anxiously, with questions in our heads, with questions in our souls. We did not know whether the infertility caused by the infection reached our sweet fetus, we did not know how to go on. We did not prepare this, this is not what our mother intended, it was not designed when we were just thinking. Not designed the way other moms and dads and every 10 children who come before age 24-25 don't plan. by the week, weigh in grams.

I waited days to squeeze in myself

Thinking back to most premature babies, Rouza was an ubiquitous, beautiful round baby with its 2360 grams and 45 cm. Her skin seemed only where she had gotten one more big cat before she "went to the world." Many of us were, after all, intimate, a beautiful moment. They do not have a sense of equality in our eyes, but power, struggle, will. There is agreement in the world and it is blinking that we are not. We are lucky, as our examinations have shown that we are the parents of an acorn. For a wonderful, complete, perfect, yet precocious child, and for this fact, we can never go away, forget, forget about anything else. akarбsra. He taught me to recognize and appreciate the miracle, and pointed out that at any time, wherever, in any family, a child can come early, fate does not happen. (When we dream of being a teenage masculine, we don't see the hardships and obstacles, we believe: the blue bird of happiness is our friend.) "

What I remember was the hardest ...

"A terrible shock. First you shake your life, you hear the template sentences, it's always the same: it's stable for the moment. It calms me even better, we do not feel the same, even though we are your parents together. I am angry about it, and of course, the world. "" 2 days in incubator. Day 3 I go to the place and lie down. Did something happen? Is there a problem? Or just do not know? I do not know my own child, whom I carried for 8 months under my heart, whom I have lived all my life? Who I gave birth to, and my mother. to the courtroom by the window, so you can see the flesh. "" Eating hard, failing stupidly, I almost don't eat anything ... Potatoes, rice, stewed chicken breast so as not to diminish the little. until weight gain, milk-clear eczema, do not eat, milk-free formula comes, approx. He eats 10 ml. "" We wrote it in a chick, 20 weeks three days a week. He finally accepted solid food. It is out of the noise, the loud, the noise. I think we can tъlfйltettьk, mindentхl prуbбltuk megуvni, Hearing tъlontъl. "" The smell intenzнv osztбlybуl бradу fertхtlenнtх (belйpve kуrhбzba), the koraszьlцtt mentх szirйnбjбt mйg always цsszeugrik my stomach йs rцgtцn visszatйr the szцrnyы бllapot, and the jбrу йrzйs him. Fortunately, only a few moments today. Today I dare to step into the pediatric clinic's loophole - instead of the grand gate - and take the elevator upstairs if there is something to do. After we brought Ruzza home, I still didn't dare to do it, because these were my habits, if I follow them, it can't hurt me. Today, of course, they seem like ridiculous little stupid things. Interestingly, I was surrounded by affected parents, and almost all of them had such strangers. "

Rouza and Kata

"For a couple of months, I was just worried that he had some sickness, ache that hadn't been taken, I carried it to a doctor for medical care, and it was all right, just let's just say and say that it was acne."

Processing of trauma

"I'm always a prematurely woman and Ruz is a prematurely born child. Today I accept this fact and think I've got my answer. Earlier I came to the Constitution. I consider myself to be a missionary, I am healed by him, I am healing, they are dating and I am not alone, I have to turn to, he feels the same as he did, he lives the same as he does, without asking what he employs. I believe that there is life after the prematurity intensive class. I have to be blessed forever, and I have to keep track of the treasure of the child and the foundation of this foundation. "

The second child

"I was expecting my second child, but I was terribly afraid of what if I had to live with this fear again. I thought I wouldn't scream again. When I was pregnant with my son, I was very strong at 35 weeks ... malta, I was praying and confident that it wouldn't happen again. I reached week 40. I was born on the turn day of week 40. I was wondering what would happen when I was born.

Hбrman: Rouza, Kata, Andris

They calmed me down to the end. Everything went fine. After 12 hours of buttering, I made my little boy, Andrew! I could only sobb. He was in my arm, and he followed me all the way to the ward. After Rouge, it was weird to do. It was strange to be able to eat so much, that at such a pace she was, and the strangest, that she had slept with Ruzh, who had been quite yellow for several weeks. I learned what it means to take care of a newborn baby. So I learned again. "

It's my job

"The Constitution, and the Queue Service created within its framework, the Koramentor."

That's what I needed most

"For understanding, for support, for unnecessary explanations, for the community who say the same thing and the same. I know, god, destiny doesn't stop, anywhere, anytime, anyone can stop being a premature woman and that's not the fault. "


"Turn to a specialist, do not oppress yourself, seek sorority, isolate yourself, integrate with your children back into society, for you have brought just as little admiration for this world as you have done. And believe me, there is life after the prematurely intensive class. I just know I've been standing next to the incubator, and what's really important about Daddy is that. I could only see it a few days later first. I cried a lot over the incubator. I blamed myself. I apologized to him a million times. " Also read the stories of Zsanett and Janine!Related Articles in Early Childhood: