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That is why we must pay attention to our weight when pregnant

For mothers who have done a lot during pregnancy, children are more likely to be pregnant by the time they reach adolescence, a study found.

Research in the PLOS Medicine magazine emphasizes that the next generation of obsolescence the period of pregnancy is crucial may. Specialists have examined the deceptive causes of obesity many times before, and have observed that children whose mothers have been pregnant or have been pregnant a lot are more likely to marry, head of examination Janet Currie David Ludwiggal, along with a staff member at Boston Children's Hospital, followed this request more closely. Two and three-year-old mothers were compared and their childbearing weight was compared to that of lower 12-year-olds, and later to that of siblings.

Pay attention to the excess weight during pregnancy!

The results confirmed the earlier point that maternal excess weight during pregnancy also affects the child's birth weight, but that effect is not eliminated. they bring more under their expectation, in general they bring forth a child of greater weight, who will be struggling with excess currency at a lower rate. Calculating all this, it is possible for those who gain more than 18 kg to become pregnant by 8 percent more likely to become pregnant. Pregnancy is also the best time to shave mothers йletmуdvбltбsrasince most mothers are motivated to improve the health of both themselves and their child. Also worth reading:
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