(S) Twinstors XVII.

Adventurers who are not sufficiently deterred by the home deception system should have a compulsory visit to a pediatric emergency dispensary.

Here's a torn ear with a stitched eye, droopy arms, legs, tied heads. Blind and narrow left ankle broke! Fallen, you think, quiet little patients, medically trained horns, "So far only the protectionists have come in, none have been as chronically traumatic as our Fifi!" Or the Neapolitan: "If any of them were wondering what was going on, but of course they wouldn't carry the baby here!" How true! Although we're a bit crazy about such a messy cleanse over one of the left-wing gymnastics, but as we know, your observationally-based rule only strengthens the exception.
If a man is cancerous for the care of a dying child, he could actually put his hand to "just" a little crap that can be remedied by "routine". But not! "Chucked" tends to be for others, we have SLEEP, and routine is routine for the one who does it and not for the one who suffers. (My friend has opened the abdominal wall eight times due to a stomach missed during a blind operation, but in a way, he still doesn't feel too routine, he does not care): Beutalу, vizsgбlat, mыtйti idхpont lab aneszteziolуgia, mandulagyulladбs (this utуbbi not rйsze protocol, but jуl shuffles amъgy "jуl organized" egйszsйgьgyet) ъjabb mыtйti idхpont, ъjra lab (kйtbalkezes szerencsйtlensйgьnkre ezъttal vйrengzхvel who organizes szabбlyos varrуtanfolyamot Zsömi karjбn ), replay anesthetic and march the corridor into the operating room.
Jimmy in the barrel, the pamphlet in front of the barrel, and I have no idea where. I used a robot pilot. The goal is to find something surprising by the time we get the scrapie back. Somewhere I'll find some hoops - it's gonna be good - press back! The story of our little family story of three years is not the most memorable of the poor. Add to that the neighboring gym's polo is a true top-notch model of home health. (Living with the poem, "I saw happiness in me, it was a bit of a mess and some other stuff.") IQ and BMI in a big order. He's a real sight who can take care of his patients from the neighbour's desk, or at least take care of his patients. And he says, "Babbler, I told you not to believe, so it's going to end you!" you wake me up !? (Hurry, just pissed off.) "If you don't stop, I'm going to send your mother out there!" air.) My friend Béla used to say, "The lady has moved a bit from the hook up!"
Who's in your head…
In a weak reading, Dad disappears to Lombard (lab), and comes home with a Daddy, every other day, this time around the next day red hair from Sesame Street).
"Dad, what will I do with the bull that Kayney's doctorboy has slammed?"
- I hope so, Csenge, never!
- Yeah, I guess. Dad, make me some honey!
- ??? !!! Jу! Yeah, maybe later, now more ...
Zsoma's wound is healing well, and after the Weak Feather, it has been reduced to a few (besides Thomas and half a cubic meter), and the "new day" has also been added.
Here again, Imre Kerényi, Chief Medical Officer, thanked.
As much as we love the Chief Physician's humor (and Keriny's finally), and with respect for his expertise, I sincerely hope we don't have frequent fraternities in the class.