Anyone who takes 6 hours to sleep puts himself at risk

People who consistently boast that they have just a little bit of sleep are actually much more tired than they think, according to a research.

The right amount of sleep is important

Most people feel tired, irritable, and stressed if they don't have 7-9 hours of sleep a day. However, there are ъn. "super-males" - a very narrow section of humanity - who routinely take less than 7 hours of sleep. It is a shame that you feel good about yourself, they have little effect on sleep"- says one of the leaders of the research, Paula Williams, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Utah.In the course of the survey, experts examined 839 people's brains in an alert state. The participants are divided into two groups. One group consisted of members who slept 7-12 hours on average in the past month, while the other group reportedly had only 6 hours rested. In their opinion, they were too tired to function normally, while the other group was convinced that they were good at it too. So it seemed as if they were sleeping awake"Most people don't even think if they fall asleep for a minute. Although these people thought they were okay, they were overwhelmed by the exam. All this could be very dangerous on weekdays."Related articles in Sleep:
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