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How does the child affect the child when he or she is killed?

Parental praises that are not based on parental objectivity, but because they are about their children who, in their opinion, are more special to other children, can be more beneficial to the children than useful.

How does the child affect the child when he or she is killed? (Fotу: iStock) This is supported by a study in the Journal of Social Psychology, in which they developed a scale that measures how much a parent values ​​a child. Parents who overestimate their children overestimate the knowledge, level of intelligence of their seedlings, and find them more capable than they really are and what their children's knowledge justifies. By doing this, parents want to make their children stand out from the rest, this, in turn, can have effects such as disturbing children 's self - image or having problems with their social relationships. based on your skills, you do not deserve this. This can also be bad, because after a while the child is unable to meet these expectations and therefore stops doing it.Telling parents that their children are not smarter or better than others, or suggesting that they have an appreciation of the abilities of the seedlings, and that realizing their talents, let them know, would do better. In the course of the research, they asked school counselors who said that parents don't even want to hear it, they don't think about it.(VIA)Related links: