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Vitamin D deficiency can also prevent pregnancy

Couples who want a baby but are unfortunately not successful in their efforts do their best to have a baby at last. They do not realize that in many cases there is a simple thing in the backdrop of failure, such as vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency can also prevent pregnancy

About this substance, its ailments, and its effects on pregnancy dr. Angel Giza baby-nude talked to

Vitamin D and anemia

Vitamin D is well known to everyone as it is related to sunbathing. However, our knowledge about it is very lacking, and science is only really beginning to recognize its importance.In particular, it is worth clarifying that you are not on a vitamin. Although the name of the bar actually indicates this, we are much more opposed to a hormonal substance. This is important because hormones have a profound effect on the functioning of the body, and their lack also has more severe consequences. According to recent research, it is called metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance syndrome is a sugar metabolism disorder. Essentially, it is the case that poor lifestyle and physical activity, as well as vitamin D deficiencies, upset the insulin balance in the body. This substance is required for cells to take up glucose from the blood. Until now, it was thought that the reason for this was to seek inadequate sugar intake. For example, refined foods, yeasts and other sugary foods keep your blood sugar levels high. To compensate, special cells in the pancreas produce more insulin. However, this fats the cells, so over time, excess production falls and the cells begin to accustom themselves to high doses of insulin. This also means that you will need more insulin to take up one unit of sugar. And the end of the process is the development of type 2 diabetes. We now know that vitamin D its effect on metabolic processes Because of this deficiency is a significant contributor to the development of the metabolic syndrome and thus to diabetes. Indeed, a Chinese study has shown that people with lower levels of vitamin D are 52% more likely to develop metabolic syndrome.

Diet and Vitamin D

Dr. Angela Géza Szules-ngygyabsz said that unfortunately due to the above-mentioned events, vitamin D it can also affect your predictability. It is exactly what makes it difficult to develop. Sugar metabolism disorders are a burden on the body that can lead to not only hair loss, abdominal fat, fatigue, but also menstrual irregularity. This means that you can also lose your vitamin D influences conception too. Of course, couples who are constantly suffering from unsuccessful rabies must always seek medical attention. However, they do not have to put their hands together, they can also make sure that the pregnancy comes to fruition.Many experts agree that a pregnancy is worthwhile vitaminkйszнtmйnyekkel tбmogatni. However, this statement can be extended to the exercise period, as the proper supply of vitamins, trace elements and minerals greatly contributes to the health of the body and, in turn, to a much lower level of appetite. Of course, vitamin supplements are not the same, so it is worth looking for one that contains substances that are linked to organic chemistry, so that their absorption is even better.For:
  • Vitamin D taken during pregnancy protects your baby from allergies
  • Too little vitamin D is dangerous
  • That is why it is important to have the right amount of vitamin D during pregnancy