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We head, he says!

Little babies who have given up suffering during pregnancy are hardly waiting to be captured. However, they are advised not to smoke during breastfeeding because the harmful components of nicotine pass into breast milk.

Smoky air is harmful to all babies, increases the risk of sudden infant death, asthma, respiratory disease, and otitis media. By no means do you smoke cigarettes with your baby in one place, or even in another household. Research has found that baby's hair can still detect cotinine (a decomposition product of nicotine) even when family members are smoked on the balcony. The cigarette smoke that comes into contact with the stream also contains very toxic substances. Similarly, we star our baby when we smoke outside, but in the immediate environment: above the baby's head in a kangaroo, sitting on the sandy ledge, pushing the stroller. "Bring your cigarette here, please!" - ask the little toddler who is there to help - as you learn that smoking is part of the adult life. If a child over the years has found that no parent smokes, he has a lower risk that he will once again become a heavy smoker.