Those who do not have breakfast are worse off at school

Students who generally do not have breakfast perform better on heretics than those who normally eat breakfast - a British study has found.

Those who do not have breakfast are worse off at school (photo: iStock)In a study by researchers at the University of Leeds, the authors pointed out that there was first evidence of having breakfast and obtaining a certificate from the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). The study showed that omitting the first meal of the day made students perform significantly worse on exams than if they had had breakfast. The relationship was verifiable even if other factors that influenced school performance, such as the socio-economic position of the students, were taken into account. Katie Adolphus, the University of Leeds Psychology Faculty noted: "The study suggests that high school students are backed by not having breakfast, which overwhelms their minds at the start of a school day." With food poverty, it is estimated that about a million children come to school hungry every day. Previous studies have shown that breakfast has a positive effect on children's cognitive abilities. 294 students in West Yorkshire schools and colleges participated in the research. It turned out that 29 percent of them rarely or never have breakfast on school days, 18 percent have breakfast occasionally, and 53 percent often take breakfast in the morning. The omitted breakfast performance at school was almost two grades worse, including aspects such as socio-economic status, ethnic group, age, gender and body mass index. it also supports a community-based organization that provides more than 1,800 schools in the poorer areas of England with free breakfast. One such organization, Magic Breakfast, provided breakfast to children at 480 other British schools. The organization encouraged the law to introduce breakfast in schools.
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