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It is easier to overdiagnose an impatient patient

Patients who are impatient, nervous, and aggressive with the doctor are 42 percent more likely to face overdiagnosis.

This may be due to the inability of the practitioner to concentrate on the examination and to engage them in their response to the patient.
If the patient considers a difficult case, that is to say aggressively, the physician does not spend less time examining it than in the case of more pleasant clients, but he / she is likely to overdiagnose the patient because he / she is unable to concentrate on his / her task.
Sixty-three general practitioners at Erasmus University Rotterdam underwent a rigorous first year practice. They were interested in how patients respond to their behavior and how it influences professional outcome, ie the correct diagnosis and treatment of the problem.
"While overdiagnosis of difficult cases - the obtrusive, impatient patient - was 42 percent, in the case of a neutral patient, this ratio was just 6 percent. or the patient is disturbing them with this behavior, "experts said.