All you have to believe is that your child will be hyperactive with sugar

The fact that sugary foods and beverages - beyond their longer health effects - are worth giving to children is also very cautious, as it is one of the largest nursery schools.

All you have to believe is that your child will be hyperactive with sugar

We researched the topic very much

Sugar does not cause hyperactivity in children - this is the clear point of science in the subject. There have been many - at least 12 randomized - researches in the subject over the years. In some studies, sugar has And also children who are particularly sensitive to sugar. The researches all came to the same conclusion: there was no difference in the behavior of children who consumed or did not consume sugar.

Only parents think so

In an interesting experiment, the children were divided into two groups, and then each of them was given something to drink and behaviors with their parents. One part of the parents said that their children had consumed sugary drinks: they have turned children into hyperactive behaviors with much greater currency, like the parents to whom they were told that the seedlings consumed sugar-free donuts. The children who participated in the study were all given the same sugar-free drink: so much the reason for their parenting behavior was their perceived behavioral disorder, not sugar.

That's why you can survive

Because sugar consumption and hyperactivity are so linked, there may be a basis for the fact that there can be some correlation between the two things, even if they are not causally related. Children whose parents are worried about overdosing on sugar often get sugary food or drink when they have another reason to be excited: for example, at family holidays, special occasions. A seamless connection between the two can work: if the parent strictly prohibits sugar and the child can only rarely receive, then you might be really excited about it. However, even though sugar does not influence children's behavior much more, it is not worth giving them too much, as it does no good to the teeth or to the weight.Forrбs: index.More comments in this topic:
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