All day long only Tips for better boarding

Workers are not in an enviable position, as the training of the human body is geared to all-day movement and walking, just as we have done in centuries before, in the past, in the past, in the wild.

During pregnancy, the effects of urgency and all-day physical inactivity are also more pronounced, since the body's body weight changes in the first place, and there is increased strain on the spine, especially on the back. During life, your feet will become more and more heavy and swollen, no wonder you can't put your feet back in your shoes at the end of working hours. There are a few small tricks you can do to help yourself, some are ready for use at your workplace, and some are waiting for you to go home or to the nearby fitness center!

1. Choose the so-called dynamic seat!

Buy yourself a big gym ball and sit in front of that screen instead of a chair. So you stay in motion almost all the time, you can gently spring, you have to stay upright, and if you don't want to roll in either direction, you need to keep your pelvis in the right position.

2. Take a break!

Wake up at least once in the urine, walk a little, pay attention to strengthening your muscles. The easiest way to do this is with a small stepping stone. If you have a toilet on the second floor, use it instead! When you get up from the table, pull yourself out, tilt your pelvis, put your spine on your spine, and then turn your right shoulder to the right (with your head in the middle), and then repeat the same thing to the left. do the translation, and fold your shoulder blade as hard as possible. Be sure to keep your tumbler pool in place, ie tilted underneath, not concave!

3. Pool Pooling

Sit in a small pool and swing your pool to the left and right, then perform a hunch at one of the offices.

A lot of lips do not work on the waist

4. Sleep: Move up!

If you can, halve your working hours and go to the nearest fitness center where you can help with 20-30 minutes on the elliptical trainer even in bad weather. Ask your personal trainer for help with adjusting your dose.

5. Twist!

The true gift is just coming! When you get home, don't waste time on a little dance. In the event of a lackluster move, the best choice for a fire is to barely mimic Uma Thurman, and John Travolt, to Chuck Berry, against foot fever. If you don't know what it is, check it out here!

6. Extra support

Even in the middle of life, you can have a well-supported, flexible, skin-friendly maternity waistband that you can customize. You may also be interested in:
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