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Many men are depressed while their couple are pregnant

Researchers at Auckland University in New Zealand found that males in stressful or poor health experienced severe depression when their couple became pregnant.

Prospective fathers may become depressed

Nine weeks after the birth of the child, he conducted research in the JAMA Psychiatry Lisa Underwood with 3523 men, with whom they filled out a questionnaire when their couple were in their third trimester, and nine months after the birth of their children. Among 33-year-olds on average, depression was reported in 2.3 percent of their mothers during pregnancy and 4.3 percent in a child nine months of age. increase in depressive symptoms during the partner's pregnancy there was more stress and worse health, while the child's depression after childbirth also added that the father had never been in dad's depression can also affect his or her baby, it is especially important to recognize these symptoms early and treat them as soon as possible.Related Articles:
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