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You've never seen a video interview with Tamás Vekerdy

A psychic who died in his eighty-fourth year of life has released an unprecedented video interview.

The Hungarian Voice has published a previously unpublished interview with Tamás Vekerdy ​​- indexed by Index. The interviewer, the psychologist, also talked about the Hungarian education mistake, child rearing and the importance of fairy tales.Never View Video Interview by Vekerdy ​​Tamбstуl (photo: Norbert Farkas / According to Vekerdy, in today's society, "ignorance is awesome," even if we look at world warriors. Arrуl said there was no continuity: the children did not know what their parents were, or even how their grandparents lived. According to him, there is no family legendary today, and because of the constant rush, we cannot share with each other what and when it was.
"It's too much stuff, the school is miserable," he said. Too much information is disorienting and leaves children wondering. The deterioration of the Hungarian school system is entirely in the 20th century. to the middle of the 20th century, after World War I. Vekerdy ​​said the school came to us when we were touched by the ideology. There is no effective learning without joy, ”said Tamás Vekerdy. He believes that it is necessary to learn and experience in order to get into the world. Arrуl also said that he had no parenting rights, just being with the child. Which is ideally a credible partnership. You think this works best for the kids.
It is not important in any class what material you submit and how you return it. What matters is who he was until the moment he entered the classroom. If it's not what's important, it's the curriculum, then nothing will go over the values. Vekerdy ​​finally talked about the importance of fairy tales. You ask: the very fairy tales, if you are victorious and evil is left, and the least of the wolves, the weakest is the one who triumphs? In his view, these principles are also valid in the world. He said that all warm and cold war had won what initially seemed to be weak democracies, and that the highly focused, collectivist dictatorships had always failed.
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