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Who Can Cure Insulin Resistance?

Insulin resistance therapy is very complex as it involves personalized diet, regular exercise, and medication when needed.

Who Can Cure Insulin Resistance?Moving values ​​to the normal range can take a long time, and people may be justified in asking whether they can get rid of IR and return to the older one. The answer is dr. We learned from Viktor Koppany, PCOS and insulin resistance specialist at the Endocrine Center in Buda.

The basis of IR treatment is: lifestyle therapy

Many illnesses are caused by poor lifestyle, but the first therapy for the majority is medication, and it is only added to by lifestyle change (as long as it is supplemented). Unfortunately, most people rely solely on pills to keep the solution down, as this is simpler because it does not involve a lot of effort. Life changing, on the other hand, requires a serious investor, as it will require a change in the routine, plus regular physical activity. However, resolution, patience, and strong motivation are required. However, the treatment of IR, in contrast to many other diseases and conditions, puts the emphasis on lifestyle therapy, but it only needs to be supplemented. Patients then need to follow a personalized carbohydrate diet and exercise at least 3 times a week. With many people questioning the diagnosis and treatment plan, how can these changes be brought to fruition? Also, they are very quick to ask how long to follow the requirements, when they get burned and can they return to their old way of life?

When's the end?

"No matter how many calories you eat!" "Count the hydrocarbons!" "Make a difference between fast and slow carbs!" "Slip along with cardio!" These are the instructions that almost all IRs will encounter. At first, it seems difficult and unworkable, full of pitfalls. However, especially if the person receives professional, professional help and guidance from a doctor, a dietitian can quickly enter and discontinue lifestyle therapy. However, many people are waiting for the treatment to end and the doctor to tell them "healed".

"You don't have to take the medicine all the way, but you have to keep your life shut"

Dr. Viktoria Koppany, a PCOS and insulin resistance specialist at the Endocrine Center in Buda, said that in the treatment of IR, it is not necessary to take drugs for long, because the tablets have the effect of the patient's life to the end. Yes, it is for the new lifestyle. "Patients often ask me when they get healed and may return to normal circulatory failure. however, if the patient does not maintain his or her new lifestyle and returns to unhealthy food and exercise, the values ​​will be lost again, moreover, it may be advisable to continue to develop type 2 diabetes. if the lab results are perfect, "says dr. Koppbny Viktoria.
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