Drug Tips From The Net - Can Be Dangerous!

It is common in online forums for little ones to ask for advice on drugs and their administration. Unfortunately, this is not a safe solution.

Visitors to internet forums, blogs, Facebook groups with mothers and toddlers often ask: "What do you give your child for coughing / runny nose / diarrhea / diarrhea?" There is at least the same suggestion of this type: "We were the doctor and said that, but I don't believe him, what are you doing?" THE according to a home doctor however, it can be life-threatening if we recommend a specific medicine to one another and one's child. And who doesn't believe in a doctor doesn't trust him, so it's a good idea mбsikat look.
- Neither the home doctor nor the home pediatrician can properly cure if the patient's parents, in the case of a patient or child, do not trust him or her, do not believe what he or she says, or take the medicine he or she prescribes, because the mother thinks the antibiotic is too much for the baby, she says Marusin Ildikou hбziorvos. Marldin Ildikou considers it just as bad when on Internet forums he says, "My little boy is really crazy, so what do you give your kids?" With so much information, no professional can offer the right kind of advice, not just someone who is not a doctor.
- Do you need to know exactly what the cough is: catarrhal, dry, spastic, ruptured, irritated, stuffy, asthmatic? It is also a significant circumstance, for example, that the baby boy is old - explains the doctor. With enough expertise in dry coughing, croaking comrades can suggest cure, though in this case they need a cough suppressant. Even in the case of flame retardants, it is not enough to know the name of the drug, but you also need to know what it is. Examples include paracetamol-containing flame retardants kбrosнthatjбk liver, if not properly dosed, but not only contains paracetamol as a single antipyretic, there are many, and examples could be long.
If your mother-in-law is reading carefully, you may find that the little doctor always says, "That's all this information and say, but it's worth checking out." Ildikou Marusin thinks this is the advice that is definitely worth following: if we are uncertain, not alone, but we ask for help from a specialist. According to the doctor, if a mother feels so, her child will not receive adequate care from her home pediatrician, she will often prescribe antibiotics, or even when she should, if she is not careful enough, seek medical help.
- But this is a problem that can be negotiated with the forum friends. The relationship between the doctor and the patient trust"It doesn't matter if we choose a doctor who our friends, relatives, and acquaintances think we can trust to the maximum," said Ildikou Marusin, who also recommends giving us enough time for the election.