Influenza: A dangerous event that is not taken seriously

Influenza itself is a dangerous disease, but it can be the "anteroom" of several other illnesses that attack the body weakened by the virus.

The Lйgъti Patients Orszбgos Egyesьlete hнvja to influenzajбrvбny kapcsбn йs often felьlfertхzйst okozу bakteriбlis tьdхgyulladбs veszйlyeire megelхzйsйnek fontossбgбra the figyelmet.Mбrcius elejйn will be around 100 йve to the kitцrt emberisйg tцrtйnetйnek legpusztнtуbb jбrvбnya the tцbb tнzmilliу бldozatot kцvetelх spanyolnбtha. A few years ago, it was known that most of the victims were caused by a bacterial overdose that was fatal, and of course there were no antibiotics.1A "simple non-malignant flu can be serious, but if the patient has a underlying disease that can be triggered by the symptoms of the flu (especially high fever), the more serious the event may be. influenza virus damages the mast cells of the respiratory tract, therefore, bacteria can attack our bodies with greater efficiency, so it's really timely to talk about the importance of prevention during an influenza outbreak. The pneumonia is the most common cause of influenza, the dangers of which are overestimated. So few know that a pneumonia is still one of the 10 most common fish deaths today.The most common type of pneumonia a pneumococcal bacterial pneumonia, 20% of those over 65 years of age - with young children the most vulnerable age group - die of the disease.2You know that pneumococcal pneumonia can be prevented by vaccination. The question arises as to why relatively few live with prevention. The answer is complex, but one of the main reasons for this is the lack of information: the overwhelming majority of people are not aware of the real dangers of pneumonia or of their prevention options. Most of us do not know that bacterial pneumonia is a frequent occurrence of influenza events, which in more severe cases vйrбramfertхzйshez The other reason may be the cost of vaccinations. Even though infants are protected against pneumonia by the state for free, adults have access to the vaccine only at full cost. However, you should consider paying $ 10-20,000 to protect yourself or your loved ones from a very dangerous and common illness.
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