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Light up your child's imagination!

The appearance of the first lamps has been more than 200 years since then, and the lantern manufacture has undergone tremendous changes.

Even though the main goal was to achieve higher glow performance and safe operation, these are all basic prerequisites that have been added to the design with the appearance of new needs. Today's lamps are expected to provide not only light but also sharpness. Philips wants to meet this need with its new, innovative developers. However, with their latest products, they are not aimed at adults, but at children with special imaginative skills. It needs to process its inner fears, tensions, aggressiveness. The best way to do this is with the game and the fairy tale. Through these, the child manages to resolve his internal conflicts, which play a significant role in moving to another stage of development. The tale develops self-knowledge, aids in the development of the personality, the discovery of identity and the meaning of life. It also offers tools and ideas for what further knowledge is needed to improve.
Every fairy tale helps to solve other existential and psychological problems. The irrelevant value lies in directing the child's power of imagination to a place that the child would not have reached by itself. In addition, their shapes and structures lead the way to a change of mind, thus solving the problems of the given life stage. However, it is important to emphasize that the tale is not a lonely activity. It also aims to provide children and parents with a common ritual in which they can immerse themselves. One of the goals of Philips is to make this time even more exciting by tearing through the fascinating world of fairy tales and lights.
Artificial lighting plays an equally important role in a home as furniture or carpets. Not choosing the right illumination not only has a negative effect on sight, but can also lead to bad feeling. Lights influence our mood, increase our well-being, inspire our lives, and help our daily lives by contributing to a lighter morning wake and feeling of security.
Philips wants to turn the importance of fairy tales into the lives of children and the irresistible fun of light. Who else would be the best partner in this, if not the fairy tale expert, Disney? Collaboratively, they have created new innovative lamp curves that combine magic, magic, inspiration and tranquility into a simple bedroom for a child's bedroom. They provide a more creative but comfortable environment for the child to play, study and sleep, where they and the parent can spend valuable time.
Reading is believed to be more enjoyable with the help of Mickey, who brings the story to life with the help of different lighting effects. The story, which is read on an iPad, highlights the story in full color, thereby fully engaging the story, giving it a true story.
The evening routine can also be made easier. Lamps help your child get a better sleep and a better sleep experience for the whole family. During sleep, dull, fairy tale characters help you relax, providing the child with a sense of security.
Another light source turns the nursery into a real playground with 64 different colors, creating a fun and magical world. And candle-shaped lights, like the currency, add a warm, drizzling light to the games, providing a relaxed environment. Luminaires are massive, resilient, do not heat up, do not kill the child and therefore have an extra long life span. They do not contain tiny or sharp parts, so they not only provide a perfect result, they are also safe.