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Move with your child - bye-bye mamahab!

A healthy lifestyle at home starts between the four walls: what do the children see, what do their parents eat, and do they exercise at all? If you want to raise a health conscious lurking from your child, take a big breath and show a good example! In addition to choosing a lifestyle, you can also get rid of the remaining mom!

If your child can walk, you will be amazed at how much time you spend moving. That's right, because little ones are much more mobile than adults, and they need some kind of urinary activity every day. If you decide to move with your child, you may see positive change in yourself in weeks.

Exemplary Behavior - Healthy Kids

Your child needs to give you an example in many ways, and so does exercise. There is something about parenting greatly influences then the child's future value system. It is important to keep exercising and developing proper eating habits continuously and gradually. If possible, take your baby with you to play sports, and let's see you moving. If your kid is a big cat, talk to him / her about exercise and its importance. You will not find it difficult to convince, as they often make you exercise.

Motion as a source of fluid

Today, there are plenty of sports and dances available for ovis. We can't give you good advice on this, but the most important point to make in this area is to keep moving wherever you like. And your job is to do all of this make it playful for the kids. You don't have to be easy to move around, you don't have to beg to swim in the pool or go into the acrobatic rock 'n' roll.

Move with your baby - bye-bye mamahab!

Try out different sports, exercise options, and let him decide which one you choose, which one gives you the most weight. The Lurkudd may be a small and medium-sized group that is still impatient to go into a grouped space alone. In this case, you two, or your father, come up with a triple play sport. It's important that you, enjoy your baby too sport as a great opportunity to be together, and not only can you develop your little muscles, but you can also maintain yourself. If you find the craze for moving, you'll get great craze!

So move between the walls!

With the cold, damp weather ahead, as long as the coolness falls, there is little outdoor activity. Unleash your fantasies and take home play-sporting activities! The movements should be those which can be imitated on the lurking pole. More complex movements should be used when you are ready to process the instructions; that is, he understands them and has the bodily abilities that make him fit for the task of exercising, without the risk of injury. Social, playful forms of exercise are always popular with children.Experienced forms of movement, animal simulation, roles, grooms. Of course, the size of the apartment, the proximity of the neighbors all influence the types of movement. It's worth sneaking into the game, hiding skills development practices that specifically develop their physical abilities. You can have a fairytale party when your favorite songs are coming out of the cathedral and your family is partying. Our world-wide-web could have searched for videos of mom-baby gymnastics together! If you are just now, your whole family will probably be Christmas for the holidays.