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Let's say what's acidic?

Whether you are interested in losing weight, or wanting to direct your diet to a healthier diet, you will eventually stumble upon breathing. Its essence is that you have the power to take advantage of transient help, that is, to redirect your body's spy control.

The creator of the theory, dr. Robert O. Young The pH wonder book covers the essence of his theory. The most striking proposition of New Biology is that all diseases can be traced back to one common cause, the body's acidification. We should not be concerned with multi-fractured attacks in different types of disease, but with acidification, because the disruption of the balance weakens the body so much that it becomes more susceptible to disease. In the event of an imbalance, it is primarily the poor diet and certain sources of civilization that are responsible.

Harsh, acidic effects dr. Young says

  • eating too many diets including meat, sugar, dairy products
  • consumption of caffeine in the form of chocolate, coffee, tea, beans because they are "strong acid producers"
  • the use of cellular phones due to the strong microwave radiation that destroys the cells and consequently causes many diseases
  • environmental pollution, acid rain, pH change in natural waters, herbal medicine, smoking What is essential to life according to the New Biology
  • very important to chlorophyll, plants are green dyes, that's why many green plants are included in the schedule
  • dr. Young recommends consuming one deci of oil a day on Omega 1 to 9 scale, including fatty acids, including avocado, almonds, diet, sesame among others
  • Consume 20 kilograms of body weight per liter of pH 9.5 water daily, since "post-meal weight is often the body's postnatal water" - dissipates a common mistake dr. Young.
  • dr. Young 1 grams / 5 kilograms body weight (1 deca for 50kgs) is not anesthetized, not disinfected, not refined natural salt, such as the Himalayas and recommends consumption.

  • Kiprуbбljam?

    Well, rinsing starts with establishing your acidification value, and it is recommended that you measure the pH of your saliva and urine. However, in the current state of medical science, this does not provide us with useful information as our expert, dr. Berta Gabriella anesthesiologist, intensive care specialist explained:
    - The rabbit can basically upset the acidity of your food with up to an acidic food or sugar for up to a while, but it is primarily for the teeth. Measuring the pH of urine is primarily used to test renal function. Small fluctuations are good because the balancing system indicates that it is working properly. On the other hand, long-term displacement is unfavorable, airiness is conducive to bacterial proliferation, and renal formation may occur, which may be the result of a shift in alkaline or acidic control.
    There are also limits to testing if you are dependent on frozen meat, eggs, or dairy products, and you don't want to change that. According to Dr. Young, the overpowering of the human body requires vegetarian nutrition, and the consumption of animal white is therefore extremely harmful. It also lists almost all of the serious cancers that result in excessive animal protein consumption. However, it is true that it is unhealthy if your treats contain too much meat. Not only because of the effect of fattening, but also because you consume much more white. Organic, raw, green fruit with a small amount of fruit is therefore a pillar of the organic diet. Although a complete diet, the restoration of the acid-base balance does not completely prohibit whites of animal origin, it only considers a minimal amount to be permissible.

    Fascinating details

    Nйha course meghцkkentхen steep stuff you can read the lъgosнtбst nйpszerыsнtх websites, pйldбul this: "The acidified body of egйszsйges cells begin to decompose ... йs kьlцnfйle baktйriumok formed belхlьk, which йlesztх- йs egyйb gombбkkб, vйgьl penйszgombбkkб vбlnak, йs produce ъjabb acids нgy folytatуdik the economic circle. " Although you do not need to count for inter-species conversion, even with acidification, it is true that when the natural, normal pH is broken, bacteria and fungi proliferate on the skin, for example.

    Is there a problem with the fruits?

    For acidified beginners, despite their high fiber, vitamin and mineral content, we do not recommend fruit juice because of its high sugar content, as they have an acidic effect. Interestingly, many other diets also consider the overwhelming excess of fruits to be counterproductive. However, this is certainly a proposal that we cannot go wrong with. Fruits are very useful herbs in our diet. Of course, lethargy and balance are important: it's not okay to just eat bananas, and obviously, if you consume a lot of sprinkled vines - but not because of their effect! Alternatively, once you have restored your pH with the alkaline diet, you can eat fruit between meals, though it is hard to tell what some of the fruits get from acid.
    Slightly acidified fruits: apple, orange, grape, peach, plum, pineapple, pear
    Finish: banana, lemon, sour cherry and extra high-sugar raisins!
    That is, we do not recommend that you give up the raw, possibly less chemical-free, thoroughly washed or spun fruits, combined with favorable, vitamin-free results! However, you do well if you do not eat a lot of apricot, as opposed to the respiratory effect attributed to it, because it is a real calorie bomb, although it is obviously healthy.

    Cereals are useful

    In particular, the buckwheat and its exhilarating effect are praised. Wheat, rye, oats, barley are reasonably acidic when consumed in combination with some herbs, especially whole wheat grains, which have a high fiber content and help protect the digestive tract and the heart. You can also introduce chicks to your heart with a daily diet! They are very rich in nutrients, useful enzymes, antioxidants, delicious, and can be grown in your own kitchen for months at a time, as well as the main pillars of a lean diet, especially if you let it look a bit!

    It is important to find the balance in the meal

    Do you want to stop the addiction?

    The suggestion of a respiratory diet is that you can get rid of caffeine and nicotine addictive slavery along with many other positive effects. If you follow the recommended diet seriously, it may even come true, but not because "volatility" on its own does wonders, but because it is exclusively healthy, high in vitamins and minerals, and sugar free. This will replenish your storage, optimize the functioning of your life processes, and eliminate the effects of your food and supplements and animal fats. The result speaks for itself: you will be filled with energy, freshness, vitality and power! In such a state you really will not need any stimulants. Getting rid of excess weight can give you wings, and it also optimizes the way your body works. The excess fat that is present in it excessively affects your entire metabolism and your hormone balance.


    Although most nutritionists are aware of the fact that they can achieve a good balance of diets, they recommend the addition of nutritional supplements with almost no exception.

    More information

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    Doctor's opinion

    dr. Gabriella Berta is an anesthesiologist, intensive care specialist
    Why do you ask five for a specialist? A more extensive study of the respiratory distress has revealed that patients with severe changes in the acid-base conditions of the body may be suffering from, or have been in, a state of shock. The right acid-base conditions are among the most basic conditions for survival in life.
    It is an interesting question whether the theoretical basis of a latched diet is in place. Perhaps you still remember the concept of homeostasis in high school biology. This is the equilibrium state of the main functions of life, the condition of the internal environment, which every living organism strives to maintain. For example, in mammals, including humans, there is a normal, constant internal temperature between small borders. It cannot be influenced by the fact that there are minus 30 or plus 50 degrees outside; as long as you can counteract extreme weather with increased internal power generation or cooling, your temperature will still be between 36 and 37 degrees. You will not sip on a cup of hot tea or lose it by drinking ice water with ice cubes. If, on the other hand, you do not overcome your inner heat, and you get cold, frostbite, or on the contrary, you get a shock, the hospital is in the intensive care unit where you will fight your life. The same will happen if your body's pH changes in an unfavorable direction. That is, breaking the balance will put you at risk of death, and if it does happen to you, you will be in the reach of an intensive care specialist.
    "The basic pillars of the stability of our internal environment are the acid-base conditions of our body," explains dr. Berta Gabriella. - We work well when our pH is between 7.38 and 7.42. This does not mean, of course, that it should be the same in every corner of our body, it is the normal chemistry of artery, or blood that is oxygenated. A multitude of security systems protect this range, which is maintained by the balance of carbon dioxide and bicarbonate within the body. If the carbon dioxide accumulates in the blood, it will have acidic acidity, and if the bicarbonate becomes more than necessary, the blood chemistry of the arterial blood will be impaired. At the same time, the body parts that are in direct contact with the outside are acidic, which is because it serves the purpose of protection. It prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. The stomach is the most acidic, since it contains everything we eat, pH 1-2, vaginal acidity, and is loved by its natural bacterial flurra, the lactobacillus. If it weren't, they would be infected. The skin's acidity is also acidic, and this is also the purpose of its defense. The chemistry of urine can vary, for example, from the diet, drugs, or poisons you consume, but this is due to the fact that it is part of a regular, balanced system. In our body, there are other intracellular pH and normal values ​​for blood.
    - When does your anesthetist encounter the acid-base balance disruption in your work? - asked Dr. Berta to Gabriella.
    - If the patient does not breathe or his or her renal function, circulation, is impaired, the acid-base balance will be substantially altered. When there is too much carbon dioxide in the blood, the patient goes into acidification, or acidosis. If you fail to restore it in time, it will die. Poisoning can also lead to permanent, life-threatening deviations from normal values, for example if the patient is drinking acid. For example, a less drastic shift may occur when the patient develops persistent weight loss, in which case acid deficiency occurs, whereas in cases of persistent diarrhea it is considered to be basic.
    It is not easy to interfere with the body's acid-base balance. If, for example, a patient is to be rehabilitated, an antacid will be given to ensure that gastric acid does not cause irreversible damage to the gastric wall. However, in this way, the bacterial capacity appears strongly in the non-acidic stomach contents and causes lung inflammation in the lungs. Stress hormones, which in turn are vital for survival, are unable to function in blood rich in color and lactic acid. That is, indirectly, the consequence of the acid-base equilibrium degradation that occurs. These processes cannot be influenced by diet, I add that luck. Smaller pH shifts can also be caused unexpectedly by factors related to nutrition, and the pH of diabetics, for example, is slightly acidic.