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No need to throw away the cord!

The cord that connects the mother and the child is sacred and valuable to many cultures. Some people eat it, others bury it under a tree or flower under the pots. But you can deal with it in a much more creative way!

Make a painting of it!

Little Cord Art They believe that the genetic cord is not only unique but also beautiful. Of course, at a good magnification. They recommend a factor of four. The transverse cord is photographed, colored and printed on a special photographic image. Because no two are the same kцldцkzsinуr, two identical images cannot be made. Each and every other. Service is best before birth six weeks to order, the price of 120-200 thousand HUF is first given to the parents with a special set, which contains a scalpel, a storage box and, of course, precise instructions on how to remove the sample. According to the inventors, the created image is very personal and very creative. child salutation. There are two drawbacks to this: just now Amerikбban is available, and afterwards cannot be applied, it does not work with old, dry cord.

Dry it at home!

Many people want to keep the cord, but they are afraid of rotting or getting caught. However, this can be prevented by proper treatment. your first time should be flushedand squeeze all the blood and moisture out of it, then place it on a greased paper baking sheet and fold it into a mold. Most of the heart and spiralblue like. Next, place it in the oven to the lowest grade and heat slowly, 6 to 10 ounces, until there is no bone fiber. It is also advisable to keep it dry and in a cool place, and many people put it in a muslin bag or gift box and keep it near the baby's first garment and hair.

Book it for jewelry!

If you felt that you couldn't throw away your baby's fallen cord, but now you don't know what to do, a good American service will gladly book йkszerbe. The thought at first glance may be strange and sleepy, but there is something heartbreaking about it when one thinks that his heart is putting on a rope that has connected him with his child for nine long months. Although this site only ships to the United States, and asks for a silver medal for around $ 50, but I think if you know what you want, you can find a jewel in the business for that purpose. Even cheaper.