Allergies and eczema can be reduced during pregnancy

Fish oil capsules and probiotics taken in the later stages of pregnancy may significantly reduce the risk of developing allergy or eczema in the newborn child, according to research.

British scientists have compared a total of about 400 studies, analyzing data from about 1.5 million people. For example, it was found that women who took fish oil capsules from the 20th week of pregnancy (until the fourth month of breastfeeding) 30 percent reduced the risk of egg allergies, and 38 percent reduced the risk of developing a child with peanut allergy. Another notable finding is that the last month of pregnancy and the first three months of breastfeeding women taking probiotics daily reduced their chances of developing eczema by 22 percentHowever, researchers have found no evidence that avoiding heavily allergenic foods (such as eggs, milk, or peanuts) during pregnancy could influence the child's allergy or eczema.Probiotics and fish oil should also be taken during pregnancy "Food allergies and eczema are affecting more and more children around the world. Previously, there were theories that eating during pregnancy may or may not reduce the risk of developing previous results, "he said dr. Robert Boyle, a senior researcher at the Imperial College London medical division, the lead author of the recently published study, and added: "Our results are very convincing, it would definitely be worthwhile to review the guidelines that determine recommendations for the order of intent."Dr. Vanessa Garcia-Larsen, the other author of the study emphasized that they would definitely want to do further research because, despite how many people in the world are allergic, professionals are still not completely clear about allergies.The study was published in the PLOS Medicine magazine.Source: Science DailyYou may also be interested in:
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