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Emergency waves during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a crazy journey - here's what to expect from trimester to trimester!

Do not worry if you feel sad or pregnant

This is what pregnancy does to your brain

I saw an advertisement for a diaper in which wild animals have their little ones. Zebra was playing with her baby, penguin mom was protecting the little penguin, etc. Forever Young by Rod Stewart cнmы's song was born in the backyard. In ten seconds, an elephant appeared, enveloping his little one. Well, then, I went easy. I was 8 months pregnant at that time. Pregnancy has a horrific effect on women's senses, which can change from one minute to another. Why this drama? The causes should be the elevated hormone levels. Experts have found that there is a connection between hormone levels and neurotransmitters in the brain - serotonin, in particular, is the chemical that regulates mood. There are women who are particularly sensitive to hormone. But even those who are lucky from this point of view can also face challenges, and their mood is also not affected by the play of hormones. Before you make the big change, it is rare for a woman to survive the months of pregnancy without having to deal with any emotional challenge. It's better to be prepared: It's awesome.

First trimester

Every woman who has ever taken a pregnancy test knows this is a decisive moment. I was tempted to see the result, but also anxious and scary.

Hello hormones!

Ironically, these wavy hormones are the best friends for pregnant women and their babies. THE HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) levels rise steeply during the first trimester of pregnancy, around the 4th of the month. This helps the embryo to become firmly embedded in the cervix. THE progesterone йs цsztrogйn levels are high throughout the 9 months of pregnancy, which helps maintain pregnancy. This hormonal bath is very useful for your baby, but it can cause you a lot of trouble. Rising HCG causes nausea, progesterone, and estrogen in the morning, and makes you sick. And then comes the guilt you don't feel completely happy and you think there's something wrong with you. There is none. Take a break. And know that 99.9% of pregnant women feel similar, just like you.

If you lost control

The Michigan Candace Kelleher planned the pregnancy. But he didn't think what would happen to his career. "I always liked to work, well timed my time. When I got pregnant, I was instructed to take a little back out of my temple. Before you become pregnant, you have no idea how light or difficult it will be for you. If you thought you were in control of your life, you would be shocked during your pregnancy. What can you do? Try to let go of things you can't control. Sleep as much as you can. Tell me what you're up to. Get help.

Second trimester

Hallelujah! The second trimester is mostly the morning sickness is relieved And other symptoms. (The levels of HCG level out, and the levels of progesterone and estrogen rise more slowly.) Most mothers agree that one of the keywords of the second trimester, the baby's first roar, causes untold happiness.

Stress tests

You're just flying high up in happiness, and you can't even imagine you might fall a huge soon. Maybe not. But you better be prepared because there are few sources of stress that can easily ruin your mood. In the second trimester, a baby is tested to see if the baby is prone to some kind of birth defect. If the values ​​are higher than the average, further tests may be required. Such testing of amniotic fluid, which is a risky test, can also lead to miscarriage.Geena Umberto During her blood test, her baby may be prone to Down Syndrome. And then, Karl Umberto they were prepared to have special needs children. But after all, their baby was born, needless to say, the couple cheered on. And they decided not to do some exams during the next pregnancy. The point is you have to prepare for it, maybe you can hear bad news.

Relationship problems

Jill Rengarden he would never have thought that a parent's marriage could have such an effect on his marriage. "I was getting harder, I didn't feel attracted. As my tummy grew, sex stopped. I knew my couple loved me, but I felt like we were getting away from each other - even though I had a huge need for it. "Many men may seem insensitive. Even if there is a "sex silence", remember that pregnancy is just a temporary condition.You lose control over your shape? No wonder you are nervous about it. And doctors are more likely to say that you are bad believe me, they just want to help you avoid the risk of diabetes, for example. "Many women really eat a lot," he says. Dr. Puryear, who encourages her patients to exercise and diet after childbirth.

Third trimester

Just a couple of months and you can see it forever! If you are like most women, you can hardly wait for the moment to meet your baby. And this is the hardest. Vбrni.

Tired of being tired and big?

You are getting harder and feeling more and more uncomfortable. You are not asleep, you all, your hormones are fucking with you. And this is where the strangers come, who are tummy tucks, not to mention the reluctant councils of relatives. On top of that, remember that the moment of birth is getting closer, which is why so many women are. You're nervous, but you're hopeful. Then you hear other births, and you're dreaded by March. And what's wrong with the third trimester: changes in your body, swelling of the feet, sleepless nights. Your progesterone and estrogen levels have been at the highest levels for the last month. virtually your mood swings are constant. Listen to yourself and don't try to prove anything to your relatives and friends. If you are tired, go to sleep. You may not be able to fall into a deep sleep, but intermittent sleep is better than no sleep. Hold on. Your journey is about to end. To start a new one. You're about to be a mom.

Need to worry about worrying?

Typical 22 trap. If you are also prone to anxiety, you may be worried about your baby. And that doesn't do him any good either. It is not unusual for a pregnant woman to be concerned about the health of her baby. But if it goes so far as to disrupt the rhythm of everyday life, it may be wrong. If you are overly anxious during your pregnancy, it is better to seek medical attention, but you may also need medication. No problem if you're worried, it's a problem if you don't take action.Related articles:
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