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Even a little alcohol leaves a mark on the fetus

Pregnant women's alcohol consumption can lead to serious consequences and fetal alcohol syndrome. Although we expect all mothers to be clear, 300 babies are born with fetal alcohol syndrome each year.

Even a little alcohol leaves a mark on the fetusIt is a well-known fact that the fetus is exposed to valuable and harmful substances in the mother's body during pregnancy. Placental does not only provide vitamins, but also nicotine, drugs and alcohol. Alcohol is also passed through the placenta to the fetus, which is still unable to break it down, so it accumulates in the fetus's organs. It also prevents oxygen and food from reaching the organs. Placental alcohol is the main cause of damage to the fetal nervous system. During the first trimester, the mother's alcohol consumption is the worst, but in the latter, the mother's alcohol consumption is also unhealthy and abnormal. Several studies have found that even the smallest amount of alcohol causes mild damage: regular consumption of 2dl of wine a day also carries the risk of giving birth to less weight. The degree of , on a regular basis and over a period of time, and the mother's general condition. There are three main symptoms of this congenital disorder, which include multiple organ damage. One group of symptoms is the face:
  • small headspace,
  • tiny eyes
  • thin upper lip
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  • low forehead
  • skin folds covering the inner corners of the eyes
  • smoothing between nose and upper lip
  • flattened face.
The second group of symptoms is a lack of growth (persistence in body weight and body length). The third symptom concerns the central nervous system:
  • menthol retardation
  • attention deficit disorder
  • viselkedйszavarok
  • beszйdzavar
  • learning difficulties
  • coordination disorders
  • viewing and hearing.
In addition, there may be cardiovascular disease and end-stage abnormalities. Prevention is the best cure for fetal alcohol syndrome, so if you want a baby, you should avoid drinking alcohol.Related articles on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:
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