Symptoms and Treatment of Rotavirus Infection in Children

The characteristic symptom of rotavirus infection is diarrhea, which can lead to eradication. What can you do to avoid this status?

What is Rotavirus Infection?

Rotavirus infection fever, a disease causing watery diarrheawhich is dangerous especially for a baby under one year. It can even lead to outbreaks, but sooner or later it will affect almost all children.

Symptoms of rotavirus infection

Up to fifteen times a day, the infection is accompanied by water diarrhea. Of course, there is a breastfed baby who has a baby after every breastfeeding, and it has clear, white lumps. There is no problem with this, the problem is when this normal situation changes and the stool is wet. Besides diarrhea rotavirus can cause vomiting and fever. Luckily, complaints disappear after two to three days, but infections cause symptoms for up to four days. However, this is very rarely the case for more than five days.

Diagnosis and treatment of rotavirus infection

In children it can be presumed that the watery diarrhea is caused by rotavour. This can be confirmed in a hospital by a quick test or by a swab sent to a virological lab. The essence is that the little ones should be watered slowly, gradually, with at least twice the usual amount of liquid, so that they have urine. If the baby is breastfeeding, they should continue to breastfeed, and if not, they should not be breast-fed. Instead of milk, you can get sou-sugary milk, though feeding is absolutely necessary; it should not allow the little one to get fluid for more than a day. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that you have a high intake of sugars, which may be helped by the presence of rehydrated powders and solutions in pharmacies. The essence of these is that the beverage prepared with their dissolutions should have a good ratio of sugars and sugars.

It is very important to have the right amount of fluid in case of Rotavius ​​infection!

If the little ones have no urine or only very little, then they should go to the hospital, even if they are suffering from severe diarrhea. In these cases, hospitalization is needed because there is a risk of dehydration, and this can only be prevented by hospital infusion treatment. The latter not only solve the fluid overload, but also ensure the proper intake of sugar. Patients do not receive antibiotics because they have a viral infection.

Prevention of rotavirus infection

The disease compliance with hygiene rules can help prevent. Among these, the most important thing is to always pay attention to the washing. You also have to give your little ones valuable probiotics to prevent them, as they help prevent infections, and if children become ill, they can heal more easily. The infection can also be prevented by oral vaccination.

Useful information

If you want to give the baby a small dose of the infection, you should receive the first dose at least seven weeks afterwards. It is best to give your baby the vaccine at the earliest possible time, at six weeks of age. Your child will enjoy protection right from the start.This article was published in Maternity Magazine, Children's Diseases. Edit Hidvégi PhD in pediatric and pediatric and adult pediatric gastroenterology.More articles in this topic:
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