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The natural grape

From the most common parenting, we now present the "natural" nut. Read what nature peoples dare to practice!

Believers in natural education believe they are everywhere in the world they are born with the same needs your baby: alapvetх szьksйgletei same akбr tehetхs szьlхk gyerekekйnt advanced civilizбlt orszбgban, akбr third vilбgban, akбr the хserdх mйlyйn jцn the vilбgra, sхt нgy It was sнrhat is.Nemcsak only azйrt the хsember idejйben because йhes or fбzik, or fбj the belly or the belly, but because they are hung up. This was fatal in the face of harsh conditions and biztonsбgйrzet his basic idea did not disappear from the human child for centuries. He is calm only if he feels the strength of the "horde", his mother's physical proximity. We have nothing else to do except the baby to meet your basic needsand an essential part of it is to radiate our very presence. Ezйrt termйszetes the mother carries the day often magбn kisbabбt, йs йjszakбra not szбmыzi kьlцn бgyikуba. So breastfeeding on demand is also comfortable.

The Principle of Education

It's the parents' job to "decipher" their baby - their badges, needs, basic natures, and respond accordingly.


I'm just tuning in to my baby's basic needs.

That's how he feeds the baby

By nature, you get breast milk whenever you want and can go to the family table after the age of six, and if you are curious, I make some lightly cooked greens. I don't put any meat in my mouth - when you are ready to eat solid food, you will only eat what you want.

What you buy him first

A carry-on as we'll use it all day.

The first birthday gift

A small wooden stroller with a soft, no-face rag doll.

You'll hear it from your child in thirty years

Even now close relationship with my parents, I enjoy the closeness they enjoyed when I was a kid.

The natural mother

What the heck is this?

The natural mother constantly feels that she is giving birth to life. You can marvel at the total giftedness, the feeling of being indispensable to the little girl you can feed and soothe. Family life practicing natural education is not disturbed by bed and night circuses, wake-up and room cleanliness, as these are typically civilized societies from a stranger's expectations fakadnak.Ha kielйgнtve the termйszetes alapigйnyeket йlьnk, harmуniбban stay цnmagunkkal - valljбk the termйszetes szьlхk. Enjoying the charms of the family, let the children follow their own developmental path of separation and civilization.

How does this affect your child?

Szбmos felmйrйs bizonyнtja that those children who are constantly sнrtak kisbabakйnt йlvezhettйk termйszetes igйnyeik kielйgнtйsйt, less they evolved more evenly, and shorter ones were chosen for their own personalities. They didn't cry for no reason, and since their parents immediately responded to them, the consonance soon formed. They did not demand or become a favored tyrant. Of course, this only happens if the mother does not forget about her own natural needs and does not "turn herself in".

How are you doing?

Realize what a child's natural basic needs are. The lollipop you are making a big scene in the cashier is definitely not! However, I need to experience that mother can always count, but I do not control it. As fejlхdik, more цnбllуbb, elхbb-utуbb egyedьl it goes out, there is no йs szьksйge йjjeli tбplбlйkra. Natural upbringing also involves smaller disappointments and unpleasant experiences. Don't worry about the physical-mental bruises, they are just as important in the developmental field as breast milk, honeysuckle and the loving woman.Related articles in parenting:
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