Answers to the questions


In the sun, our fairy tale, Poci, doesn't want to crawl in the room. Instead, he puts more paper towels on.

When the rays of the sun roared out of the twilight mountains on a summer morning, I was amazed to see the breeze playfully wiggle the leaves of the cocks.
- Really great carpet day! Dad thought as he looked out the window.
Poci and Dad were planning to make a real paperback. All those involved lined up in the secret locker room. Colored paper, ribbons, tapes, trays, noils and glue. We all expected when the day for the dragon was coming. But Pocin didn't expect anymore this day.
- Wonder the wind for the carpeting! Dad gave birth to a baby boy.
- Hurrab! Hurrб! he jumped at the tight little boy.
"We make a paper towel after breakfast," Dad said.
Poci was sitting and sitting at the table. Mom made a really delicious breakfast, which she consumed in no time. The boys were expecting work.
Treasures needed for dragon-making were removed from the secret cabinet.
Dad stitched the dragon's water together, and Poci glued the colored papers very neatly. The long tail, decorated with ribbons, is also ready.
- Now, draw an eye, a nose and a smiling mouth! Dad said.
- Let's run to the morning. Let's try flying! Poci said enthusiastically.
In the near mornings Poci ran happily, but the wind didn't want to pick up the dragonfly.
- Give it a try, Dad. the little boy asked.
- They helped you more. Take the end of the asparagus, and I'll take the can. Yeah! Now let's run!
Dad said. The paper towel was picked up by the wind and flown high. Poci was very happy.
Head the wind in the multicolored meadow,
paprika drops in the sky.
There are lots of ribbons on my face,
Poci is running around with duct tape.
Red and blue, green and yellow
she has fringes in her dress.
Her eyes smile, her mouth smiles,
he looks up at the world from above.
Suddenly, the wind turned and the paprika flew over the huge poplar tree. Poci drew the string, but the dragon was stuck on the tree.
- Oh, what about now? the little boy echoed.
The tree was tall and its foliage was dense. Dad tried in vain, and he could not free the dragon from the branches. But suddenly a high-pitched giggle was heard. Hipp and Hopp laughed at the tree's foliage. Two little man's hats peeked out from the leaves.
- We'll help! the man said and winked at their little friend.
After a few minutes the paprika was free again. It was flying high above the clouds.
Hipp and Hopp clung to the end of the dragon's tail.
Poci knew that the rest of the papillae could not get in trouble, because they were manicured by him.
It was a beautiful day. In the evening, the dragon moved into the secret closet. Hipp and Hopp curled up on the shelf.
When Dad closed the closet door, the two paws winked at Poci.
- Take care of your wings! - said confidently.
Poci knew that the dragonfly could now expect the new wind safely.