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Láz and homeopathy

Fever is a natural reaction in the body - most often due to viral or bacterial infections. You can also help with healing with homeopathic remedies.

Láz and homeopathy

Since 2011, the New Infant and Pediatric Vocational College has published a new book on fever suppression, which shows, or is recommended to relieve fever if the child is ill, does not feel good, The fever helps to overcome the disease that causes the disease, but if it is not worn by the little one, it is unnecessary to burden the kidneys and body with medicine. fever is an isolated problem cessation or treatment means, until a diagnosis is made, or low health is jeopardized by increased heat, it is essential for the drug to cure. Of particular importance for babies is frequent fever monitoring and close monitoring. In case of vomiting near the high fever, stiff necks, strange behavior, or hurts, the little one should be immediately challenged!

Do you feel sick with fever?

If you have high fever, then traditional Western medicine is recommended. Homeopathic remedies should not be expected for high fever reduction. However, it is still worthwhile to use homeopathic remedies in addition to the classical medicine arsenal, as the support of the immune system can suppress the healing time. without side effects "intervention" that supports the organization's self-defeating processes. Let's see what kind of homeopathic remedies are available that can give up to 5 balls to a patient with fever!Aconitum napellus
Material: horseradish
When to use it? Inject it if you experience sudden high fever due to cold, and you also experience flushing without sweating. The heart beats very violently, the face flushed, dry, hot. The baby is restless, very thirsty. Atropa Belladonna (Belladonna)
Raw material: ragged nadragulia
When to use it? The following is Aconitum if sweating occurs. This agent is needed if the baby's face is flushed and the limbs may be cool. The pupil is very bulky and bright. It has a strong irritability, and the light and noise are disturbing to the little ones.Gelsemium
It is made of yellow jasmine
When to use it? Flame retardant for flu or flu-like illnesses. With a high fever, there is a flushed face and sweating, the baby is feeble, not thirsty, unkind, his eyes are rather closed. Apis mellifica
Ingredients: home made
When to use it? When the baby's face turns pink, the fever is high and responds well to cold compresses, frostbite.Ferrum phosphoricum
It is made from iron phosphate
The best remedy for early illnesses. It is used when there is no marked symptom, the fever is low, the head is a little bit, the baby is a little weak. Suggested dilution 9 CH 3-4 times a day.