Big forest: New playful interactive exhibit

Stepping into the fascinating exhibit, visitors arrive in an enchanted, enchanted forest where they can be part of an exciting adventure to try out their wilderness and luxury.

The Bûvs Forest opens on SaturdayIn the foliage of the foliage, there are drooping wings, and a cool wind rustles between the abandoned houses of the forest elk. Mossy oak woods sound silent with gloomy dew, The Bourgeois Book from the gloomy tower bears the bitter scent of a magic pot. Do you have a beast or a magic spell in the cave's hiding place? If you are a missionary, you can discover the mysterious realm of the magic forest, but beware, travel is full of surprising adventures!Open in Vajdahunyadvr., The New Autumn Exhibition and Games is called an imaginative forest trip, a lavish mission. During this fairy-tale adventure, visitors can discover the enormous amount of losing puzzles, playable puzzles, and lumbering forests that add value to their furnishings, and their taste.The Forest Manus are controlled by an ancient home, the beautiful forest is controlled by a troublemaker Witch. The mission of the participants is to overcome the obstacles by overpowering the Banyan mind. Anyone who deprives them of all their magic spells and flew witchcraft, deserves the good rewards of the friends, and the praise of mine. However, the fйltve хrzцtt varбzseszkцzцkhцz бt leads mбgikus megtйvesztйseken, smart talбnyokon йs exciting prуbatйteleken roaming the ъt.Уriбsgombбk kцzt the lбtogatуk talбlkozhatnak a behemуt hнdfoglalуval, a mysterious ladikossal a fullбnkos szobrбszmesterrel йs the erdхk-mezхk szбmos kьlцnleges lakуjбval. With exhibitions and games, participants can find out if they can resist the magic of the forest, see if they can fall into the trap, and find out if they can erdхbхl. You will need good nose, sharp eyes and a firm eye to reveal the illusions and losses. But if all the obstacles are passed successfully, the reward will not be missed! When you enter, visitors will receive a text-based playbook that will bring you closer and closer to your goal. Exhibited at more than 1000 square meters, the exhibition and games await adventure visitors with a wealth of magic, exploration, and suggestions.
THE LARGE FORESTS - WICKET MISSIONS - EXHIBITION AND GAMES September 22, 2018 to November 4 visit a Vajdahunyadvбrban.Exhibition at f exhibition organizer.Location: VAJDAHUNYADVBR
Opening hours: H closed, K-V 10-17 hrs (open October 23)
Open Weekend (Sept. 22-23) Open: 10 am - 6 pm !!
Age Suggestion: 4-99
Admission costs: adult HUF 1750, child (up to 3-14 years), retired (62 years old) and educator (with pedagogical card) HUF 1550, group (minimum 10 people in kindergarten and school group) weekday HUF 1190, family -3 children) 5950 FtApplication and play min. It takes 1-1.5 ounces. At check-in, visitors receive a textbook, children under the age of 7 can play with the help of their parents.More information: