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Kidli was called back by Lidl

Due to Lidl contamination, it is recalling two products that were on sale on September 11, 2019. Nebih asks consumers who have bought such products not to consume them.

Kidli was called back by LidlLidl arrуl has informed the National Food Chain Safety Authority (Nibih) that it is recalling any contamination of its products Made on September 11, 2019, water buns and milk croissants. The reason for the recall is that the products are blue, hard they could be contaminated with plastic. The products are already out of stock. Identified data for the affected products:
  • Product Name: Water Bun, 55g
  • Product name: Cream of milk, 45g
  • Manufactured: September 11, 2019
Nebih urges consumers not to consume any of the goods bearing the above identifiers!